The Crimson Abyss MOC

This is a mech suit for a tiny guy, his name is Mikro. It draws inspiration The Iron Man Hulkbuster suit and The Balance Breaker. It has spiky lazer thingies on it’s back, I guess

And here is Mikro!

And now them both together!

and some side and back views of The Crimson Abyss and Mikro!


If it’s supposed to be a mech suit, Mikro should have room to fit inside.


I tried that and it didn’t look good, so budget cuts

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Pretty cool!

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But it’s the Crimson abyss… This is red… <spoilers: s/ :spoilers>

This is crimson, it’s a shade of red.


Reminds so much of Overwatch

I see where you are coming from, but really it’s more like the hulkbuster

as you can see it’s still incomplete, the pieces that attach the big spiky lazer thingies are discolored, but I’ll probably fix those by christmas when I have the summer 2015 sets, so, yeah there is that, I just wanted to get this up early because it is one of my favorites, and I wanted people to know of it’s existence. :smile:

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Sup Hervibore, this topic would be a good thing to read :wink:

This is quite good in my opinion. I like the choice of head for the mech, it has a very heavy duty look to it. The tail and back blades also add uniqueness. Overall, not bad :wink:

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Huh I really like the velociraptor legs. Also this thing is amazing just in general.

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That Things Part Raptor


Love Crimson Abyss, he’s so cool. Although, if I were you I’d add a tiny bit more silver instead of all that red just to make him more diverse and so the wings don’t stand out as much. Mikro, even though he’s simple, seems like he’d be a really cool character. I like how you didn’t give him a mask. So, nice job on both.

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correction! the crimson abyss is not a guy, it’s a mech suit for Mikro. btw Mikro is pronounced, me-crow, not micro.

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I got to admit The Crimson Abyss and Mikro look pretty great.
Mikro looks like he needs a mask.

with any mask the proportions are off, so it wouldn’t look good, I just like to think of him as wearing some kind of protective neon force field suit, that’s skin tight or something like that, so that he won’t burn himself with his Iron Of Death. I guess

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