The Crius Colony: Sign ups

The year is 2,598, and Earth and the human population are very different than there are today. Space Travel and the establishment of Colonies on other planets has turned several nations into undefeatable super powers, with many smaller countries flocking to join them in order to gain access to the final frontier. This event merged most of today’s countries into 4 notable powers. First of which is the American Alliance, consisting of most of the countries that make up the continents of North and South America. The United Nations has also become one of these powers, spreading its influence to most of Europe and Africa. The American Alliance and the United Nations tend to be considered some of the better places to live, with many rights and freedoms protected not too dissimilar to our own. The Federation consists of Russia and most of the Asian Continent. The Federation is the most militaristic of the four powers, but also is highly government controlled and not without its share of propaganda. Oceania is the last of the major powers, and make up Southeast Asia, Australia, and the islands in the pacific. They’re the least advanced of the powers and were the last power to begin sending out colonies. However they’re making up for lost time and have learned from the mistakes of their partners, and their colonies are often deemed the safest.

Eventually the expansionary efforts of the Earthen Powers would force them into contact with aliens. The first intelligent alien race that humanity encountered were the Almarra, beings with translucent pale skin and highly sensitive eyes. Due to the environment of their home they are forced to wear highly pressurized suits in most environments. Initial contact with the Almarran Empire resulted in a long standing conflict and the creation of the First Theatre. The First Theatre is the unofficial border between the expanse of Humanity and the Almarrans. In the beginning Almarran attacks were constant, but in recent years they have died down.

Almarran tech is not too dissimilar to our own, with their weaponry being primarily combustion based. They do excel at creating powerful suits of armor for their soldiers and have more advanced space travel technology. Their technology and equipment is distinguishable by its blocky aesthetic and hexagonal design.

The second race of aliens for humanity to encounter were dubbed the Lanka. The Lanka are a race of highly intelligent parasites which attach themselves to a host and take control of their mind. Conflict also erupted between them and humanity, with humanity losing a lot of ground before being able to bring the Lanka to a stop at the Second Theatre.

Lanka troops and technology are instantly recognizable as the “giant machine animals.” They pilot mecha designed to mirror that specific Lanka has bonded to, and are typically incredibly tough to bring down, akin to a tank that has the agility of a living animal.

The last extraterrestrial thing that has given humanity a lot of trouble is the infestation. The infestation seems to be a bioweapon developed by the Almarrans, or at least utilized against the Almarrans. It infects a host and will lay dormant for a period of time, sometimes up to a decade, before awakening and affecting the host. When it does awaken it will often cause violent mutations and will give the host violent tendencies. If left too long the infested host will begin releasing spores which will infest others if inhaled. The infested seem to display signs of a hive mind and seems capable of infecting any living thing. It’s often considered the most dangerous threat and has warranted the creation of several extremely drastic countermeasures.

Signs of being infested typically manifests through pain in the chest. After a few days unnatural growths will begin to appear. Within a week the host will have succumbed entirely to the infestation and will no longer be who they once were. The infested are recognizable as anything that looks purely unnatural, and are pretty easy to identify.

Human technology has both changed and not changed much from modern times. Guns and explosives are still the primary weapon of humanity, although they have grown more powerful over time. Space suits have also advanced, and are now more comfortable and typically have pieces of armor incorporated into it. Colonies are made of a series of modular constructs dropped down in a series of pods by the spacecraft that transported them there. Great advances in space travel include the invention of dependable and safe cryostasis and near lightspeed. Great planetary railguns have also been constructed on many of the Theatre colonies, capable of warding off enemy warships. Robotics has also taken several great leaps forward, with semi-intelligent robots helping complete a great many of tasks with human assistance.

However most of the above events won’t concern you.

You have been asleep aboard the Antonio for the past 60 years with many other people. Your task? Simple. Establish a colony aboard the oceanic planet Crius and make sure the American Alliance is the first to lay foot there. Crius is far from the edges of both the First and Second Theatres, and many expect it will be an easy claim.

You exit your cryostasis with 5,000 other people. Everyone is scrambling to their positions as the ship’s screens read “30 minutes until atmospheric entry.” The ship itself is really a marvel of engineering, the first of its kind by the American Alliance. Theoretically it has the capability to survive landing and act as a colony all on its own. However is the first of its kind, and many people begin to have their doubts about whether it would work as it is supposed to as the planet approaches…

Now, time for some rules.

  1. Keep within the setting. It’s supposed to be a mostly realistic sci-fi, so no super powers or palm lasers.
  2. No metagaming, powerplaying, or any else of that nature.
  3. Humans are the only playable species.
  4. Profiles will need to be accepted before play.

Profile Template
Notable Skills:

Feel free to fill out as much or as little as you want, but note that anything not filled out will be treated as if you have the average.


I might just have to be a janitor

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Name: Daniel Phillips
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Caucasian
Age: 32
Occupation: Archaeologist but he mostly works at a library

Light pistol
An old plastic cup (worth a lot of money but he’ll never sell it)
Archaeology kit
Notable Skills:
Knows a lot about history
Very intelligent
Personality: likes to show off his knowledge, kind of friendly, enjoys meeting new one people
Bio: a historian from earth, Daniel shows heavy interest in the early 2000s, he joined the mission to discover new things and meet new people

Accepted, I’d think maybe adding in an archeology brush or just a general “archeology kit” to the equipment could be a neat flavor thing and would give you access to most basic archeology tools.


Name: Felix Jefferson
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Age: 32
Occupation: Mechanic, with some decent experience in programming as well.
Appearance: Mid height, thin, scrappy build. He has brown hair and eyes, as well as a prosthetic left arm, stylized to look particularly metallic, because “it looks cooler.” Wears a grey spacesuit, with a silver mask looking thing over the lower face with ornamental vertical slits, but other than that, his helmet is pretty nondescript, and is separate from the lower piece itself.
Equipment: On his back is a backpack that, while functioning as a normal backpack, also has four small arms that can come out and help him with his work. All four are long and thin, too weak and/or awkward to use in a fight, and probably no good for handling guns or anything with a lot of kickback. Along with that, basic mechanic,s tools, wrenches, welder, screwdrivers, etc. along with a space pistol for self defense.
Notable Skills: He’s good at building mechanical devices and pretty good with basic programming, with a little bit of experience with more intermediate programming stuff. On top of that, he’s good with numbers, and has enough book knowledge on architecture and stuff to be able to gauge structural integrity after a few seconds looking over a thing.
Personality: Overall a somewhat quiet person, though once you get to know him, he likes to tell jokes and bad puns, and is overall pretty friendly. He’s calculating and quick-witted as well.
Bio: From a young age, he showed interest in building stuff, along with the stars, so he found himself a job that would let him experience both. Though it was tough for him, originally being from a less-than-savory city in northern Pennsylvania, he found a way to make it up to where he is today through hard work and determination.

Name: Leinani Kelekolio.
Gender: Female
Race: Polynesian
Age: 28
Occupation: Armed Guard
Appearance: Average height, average build. Long black hair(worn in a bun when on duty), light brown eyes. She wears (whatever the standard uniform for the armed guards on the ship is), along with an agate pendant around her neck, under her space suit, for good luck.
Equipment: She carries around the standard issue guard weapons, which I assume would include a gun of some sorts, along with a decent sized knife, made personally by her father and carved/painted with traditional Polynesian patterns.
Notable Skills: She’s a very skilled fighter, and is well versed in battle tactics. Along with this, she can be surprisingly eloquent with her words, and is somewhat of a good painter. And, while she has rarely done it herself, her father taught her the basics of blacksmithing, as it was his hobby, though this likely won’t be important.
Personality: She usually acts cold and distant to the rest of the crew, and is rarely seen with her guard down. However, it’s been said by a few that, once she warms up to you, she’s a pretty open person. She’s honest, and when she doesn’t know you very well, quite blunt, and is willing to put her life on the line, if necessary, as would be expected for this kind of job.
Bio: This lady, hailing from Hawaii, was once part of the American Alliance’s space army, fighting bravely in the Second Theatre. After her tour in the force was over, she took this job, both to help protect the colony-to-be from any would-be threats, and for a relatively low-risk mission, after her previous job description.
Before that, however, even back in Hawaii, she was a dedicated fighter, taught by her father in the art of fighting and smithing. She was very close to her father, until his tragic passing. Now, to remember him, she carries around the knife he made for her so long ago, so he could see the universe with her, if only in spirit.


A quick note about prosthetics, they likely wouldn’t have the same dexterity as a normal arm and would likely not be able to very accurately convey a sense of touch. On the plus side, they aren’t terrible complex and I imagine that for an engineer there could be modular attachments to make life a bit easier. Just a thing to consider, and by no means do you have to change anything if you don’t want to.

I assume it’s just a normal pistol, but considering the italicized text I figured I’d ask just to be sure.

Outside of confirmation on the pistol, seems good.

I don’t think there would be much of a standard uniform, but there’d probably be some badge that she can show around and display and her suit might have some more armor to it than others.

Guards would usually have a pistol or other small firearm and knife on them at all times and have free access to a powerful rifle for when a pistol might not be sufficient. They’d also have access to heavier weaponry like grenades and rocket launchers for uses in dire emergencies.

Just to continue with standard weaponry, citizens were allowed to bring their own private pistol and knife, and in case of dire emergencies are allowed the same access to the weapons the guards have at the guards’ discretion.

Looks good.

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It’s a pistol.

in space
so yeah, normal pistol

Alright then, thanks!


Name: Atro Virta

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Finnish)

Age: 37

Occupation: Sanitation (toxic waste cleanup/janitor stuff)


-Grade A hazmat suit (complete protection from infection, pressure resistance, flame retardant, contains heating and cooling systems, scanners to detect any possible problems in the air such as a gas leak)
-UNI-INC chem-cleaner (A powerful vacuum cleaner device used to suck up toxic waste, radio active spillages or flammable fluids. It can also spray these fluids back out like a hose.)
-M/62 (a civilian grade gas mask he wears under his suit)
-“Putter” (compact compressed air propelled semi-automatic carbine for self defence, you never know what you’re going to find on a new world)
-Wrench (good for repairing pipes, tightening bolts and caving in skulls)
-Zippo lighter (these things are useful and last forever so why not?)
-Cleaning products (Self explanatory)

Notable Skills: Can provide some simple medical services, doesn’t tire easily, gets his jobs done. Can keep a cool head in stressful situations.

Personality:Somewhat rude and crass. Atro is a direct man who solves problems in direct fashions, he doesn’t much like riddles or jokes and prefers to get his jobs done and spend his free time relaxing. He is also a germaphobe and as such always wears his mask and gloves, this has lead some to believe that he never takes them off (this statement is false)

Bio: A grumpy dedicated cleanliness-obsessed man from Finland, who better to have as a janitor? Before joining the colony program he spent some time working as a police officer, needless to say he didn’t enjoy it (otherwise he’d of chosen to work in security). Atro chose to be a janitor because he felt that no one else would really willingly pick such an unnoticed yet important job.

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Bacterial scanners that work on sight wouldn’t really be around. At best you would probably have some stuff that can detect stuff on samples or in the air.

This feature doesn’t seem to make much sense for something that’s supposed to clean stuff up imo. I don’t see this feature having a reason to be there.

Besides those two things, seems good.

The way I saw it you could fill the cleaner with water or bleach to spray tough stains

Also I will edit his stuff to comply with your requests

Ah, yeah that makes more sense. Having a dual function water sprayer and vacuum makes more sense, I though the sprayer sprayed whatever had just been picked up.

I mean it can do that if you really hate someone, you have to switch between canisters though

Yeah, that works. One canister for spraying and one for vacuuming

Also is the carbine too much?

It’s just a normal gun that’s air powered, right? Don’t see much of an issue with it.

Okay I was just worried that it might be too big or powerful

Name: Maximilian “Max” Durand

Gender: Male

Race: Human (United Nations - France specifically)

Age: 33


Max’s face

Max in his Mining Suit

Occupation: Miner (Red Suns Mining Corporation)


  • Exoskeleton: Max is outfitted with a reinforced exoskeleton, this particular version is geared towards Mining. This enables Max to lift equipment that would be considered too heavy to lift by normal standards. Although this requires regular maintenance to remain fully functional, also, the additional weight of the exoskeleton means Max is generally slower than most people.

  • Concealed finger blade: A small hinged knife, (located within Max’s left pinky) the blade is reserved for the opening of letters and exposing electronic wiring.

  • Power drill: Heavy industrial Mining equipment used to grind up rock to extract precious minerals, the device is equipped with an Ore scanner (A detachable probe which uses a series of X-rays and sound waves to locate the presence of metals). The actual device utilises Large conical drill to bore into rock, to prevent the drill head from overheating there is a drilling lubricant applied to the device via a hose on the side. However, the device requires a considerable amount of power to function (In addition to being absurdly loud), given it is heavy industrial equipment it would require the use of an exoskeleton to properly carry as well.

  • Noise dampening headphones (to reduce any potential hearing damage caused by the afforementioned mining drill)

  • Light Pistol: Compact, Cheap, and relatively subtle, this serves as a reasonably effective means of self defence. The pistol houses about 10 rounds.

Notable skills:

  • Former Ballerino (as a result has great balance and is generally good at distributing their weight on uneven or unstable surfaces.)

  • Can strike a match across his teeth

Personality: Max is a warm and relatively amiable fellow. He takes pride in his work and holds those with similar dedication in high regard. He is not particularly tactful and generally opts to face issues head on.

Bio: Prior to the Colony program Max was a simple miner working for the Red Sun Corporation, his work was often dangerous and stressful though he found it deeply satisfying. However, upon hearing of the Colony program he signed on at the earliest opportunity (lured by the wonders of travelling to a new world and bolstering Humanity’s place in the cosmos).

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Name: Wryn

Gender: Female

Race: Human, multiracial

Age: 23

Occupation: Repair Engineer, repairs basic functions of the Antonio.

Out of Suit:

by: Mitchell Mohrhauser

In Suit

by: Oscar Cafaro

Tools for repairing the Antonio :

Axle Grinder

by: Natiq Aghayev


Natiq Aghayev

Hand Drill

Natiq Aghayev

Wrenches and a Power Tool for bolts n’ stuff.

She also has a pistol for self defense, like a m1911 in style.

And rope, with metal cables, for hooking onto grips.

The suit is equipped with a harness that can latch onto the metal cables, like a safety harness. Along with other rigging equipment, for climbing, etc. Such as special lanyards, gloves, ratchets, hammers, a holster belt with ting coils and a tether with tail.

Notable Skills:
She once welded a metal panel onto a side of a construct, while hanging off the side of it on her metal cable, hooked to her harness.

Quirky, loves to have fun with her job, can get very focused in the middle of a task.

She was on the Antonio mainly because she was hired as a repair engineer and partly because she wanted a free ride on it.

I hope this works

so a few things

firstly this. This doesn’t really work out, as the technology required for the interface between machines and the mind doesn’t exist. Not to mention that the actual surgery would be pretty dangerous for not a lot of gain. On the bright side, this is easily fixable by just equipping him with a exo-suit. It serves the same purpose, just that he wears it on the outside and is able to take it off.

Outside of that he seems good.[quote=“Jcton, post:18, topic:49134”]
I hope this works

I see no reason to say it doesn’t. Consider it approved.

As for starting the RP, I’m suffering a bit from a heavy IRL workload which is occupying a lot of my free time. I’ll be trying to plan some stuff out and get the RP started by the weekend though, the start of next week at the latest.


I feel like her and Felix will get along well.

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