The Cube; A Riddle

I have no idea to read people, though I'd like to share this riddle/game with you guys. I found it just a half hour ago. I'm basically copy and pasting it. So here you go:

The cube is a game of the imagination and more. Lost for centuries, it reappears in times and places where the soul most needs to know itself.

Now, it is here.

The Cube is like a genie in a bottle, if you open it at the right time, you will receive a rich gift of insight and surprise.

But open it too soon, and the power flies away. The Cube is a divining pool, a mystic tool for fathoming and changing your life.
Are you curious would you like to play the game?

If you have played the game before DO NOT REVEAL THE SECRET, likewise do not google or look up anything pertaining to the game before you finish the riddle and receive the secret or you will ruin it for yourselves and others!

I will ask you a series of 6 short questions that you must visualize. The important thing is to not over think the questions and to answer them as soon as it comes to your mind. Post your answers to the questions below the more detailed you are the better.

Lastly when you agree to be cubed you are now a part of the cube community, you may cube friends and family but never reveal the secret too soon! This will all make sense after you receive your answers.v

The Desert:
Imagine a desert landscape. It is utterly simple. A horizon line. Sand and sky.

The Cube:
In this desert landscape, there is a cube. See it. Describe it. What size is it? Where is it in relation to the desert? What is it made of? What color is it?
There are no rules, no right or wrong answers. Describe the cube you see.

The Ladder:
Now: In this landscape, as well as the cube, there is also a ladder. Describe it: its size, position, what it’s made out of, where is it in relation to the cube?

The Horse
Now: In this desert there is also a horse. See it describe it. What kind of horse is it? What size what color? Where is it relative to the cube and the ladder? What is it doing?

The Storm
Now: Somewhere in this landscape is a storm. Describe it. Where is it? What kind of storm is it? How does it affect –or not affect – the cube, the ladder, and the horse?

The Flowers
Finally, in this desert are flowers. Describe them. How many are there? What kind? What color? Where are they in relation to the cube, the ladder, the horse, the storm?

You have created a mysterious image: five elements, arranged in pace in a way that is unique only to you. No one else sees what you do close your eyes and look at it once more. I will post the secret to the cube in three days depending on how many responses I receive.

I will post the answer to the game tomorrow, have fun.


A cube you say?


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I don't get it, as such I look forward to when you will hopefully blow my mind

There's a horror movie about this cube IIRC.

I love how no one is answering the questions seriously

I did, I'm just not sharing them.

umm im confuzzles

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Seems more fitting

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Gawd darnit

I figured it out!