The Curator

"Your life is a story, and I am it's author. I control where you go and what you do. I brought you into it, and I can take you out of it in an instant. If a character needs to die, they die... But be warned, If you begin to fall off the pages, I must remove you."

Shadows, oooooooohhhhh!

Tell me what you think...


Other than his colours, spiny detailing, and custom torso, nothing's really...special about him.

His overall stance is kinda generic and humanoid for my liking...

Maybe making his waist longer and more articulated to make him look creepier?

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I have an idea...

By the way, Ryous fans, be ready...

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I think the head and chest would fit a character with very skinny lanky limbs, feels odd to have such a humanoid appearance.

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The only thing that needs to change is the spacing of the legs.
other than that, its a pretty good moc

I like the head. Very Bionicle-2001/ Maori-Esque.