The Current Status of Biotube

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but since then, I’ve been looking to dip my toe into the Biotube community. I watched Shadowgear6335’s Biotube video here, and he did a decent job retelling Biotube’s past, but he was sort of vague about the community’s current happenings; I still have a few questions!

  • How many of Biotube’s old members are still regularly active? Who are they?
  • Are there any relatively new Biotubers that have gained a little bit of traction? Who are they?
  • As a whole, does the community of Biotube still work together?

inb4 people just plug their own channels and get this closed.

I’d say say the only interaction you’ll see biotubers doing is voice acting. Mainly for Ids.
Apart from that, no.


Aww, that sucks. What do you think could be done to change that? To encourage collabs?

I don’t think there’s anything people on these boards could do to encourage that.
Unless enough fans spam request for maybe… Callan and Larnuu to do a crossover between their series, I honestly can’t think of any reason any BioTubers would collab.


I don’t think BioTube is doing too good. The only people doing the major stuff is Callan, Larnuu, and Ids, and quite frankly I’m sure all three of them pretty much are biased against Gen2. (Seriously, Callan goes on plenty of Gen2 videos to complain on how much they Gen2 sucks. I’m tired of it.)

ToaofUltimateDoom is pretty cool, though.


Eesh, yea.
Callan and Larnuu are both going off to college eventually, so they won’t be making many more Bionicle videos, sadly. Ids is still going to make Jevik? Part 3.

Shadowgear, biorockdude, diebeq and drscorpionX are pretty much the only other biotubers that aren’t inactive or unheard of that I can think of.


A Gen2 BioTube really needs to emerge. ToaofUltimateDoom is gonna be doing his Protectors series, so that should be fun. :smiley:

I think the downfall of Gen1 BIOTUBE was the destruction of the Custom BIONICLE channel.


Hopefully once Callan leaves Jcomix or whoever can get it back on track.

[quote=“Risebell, post:2, topic:10756”]
inb4 people just plug their own channels and get this closed.
[/quote] Mmmmmmmmhm.

Do you think there is any demand for a Gen 2 Biotube? Do you guys think that an active YT presence would help the BIONICLE community?

as someone who’s clearly an expert on all things Bionicle and entertainment related, I guarantee my answers are 100% true. /s

IMO: it depends on how big the fanbase is and what they want. Like, will little kids who get into Bionicle(who all will pretty much already be using Youtube) also want to listen to podcasts discussing new Bionicle’s quality or will they want to see more videos like Robomaniac7’s random fighting and explosions?

Most definitely. It was, of course, Robomaniac7’s videos that got me back into Bionicle in 2006.

This all said, it is worthwhile to note that there are plenty of ‘new’ Biotubers out there already. They just aren’t popular right now. I’m sure that with time they’ll eventually replace the old Biotubers that leave.

I’d say that most Gen 2 BIONICLE fans are pretty young. I’m sure there are already more newcomers who own Gen 2 BIONICLE sets than there are old fans who own them. In an ideal scenario, the Biotube oldies would be giving shoutouts to the new YouTubers and helping them out!

Do you know any of the new 'tuber’s handles?

You’ll find a lot of people on these boards have their own youtube channels for Bionicle-related content.
You can find a lot of them linked here.


Thanks for the links! I’ll definitely take some time to look at these channels!

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Yeah, most of the old people are either gone or inactive. What era of Biotube are you from? I can give you a more specific idea of who is where.

TTV’s picked up quite a bit(although I’m sure you’re already aware of that). Also, it seems like the MOCpages bunch is pretty popular now(Callan, Larnuu, etc.).

Not how it used to. Although whether I’d consider anything after the back half of '08 “working together” is questionable.

There are a lot of people on youtube only making videos to show off their mocs.

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iBionicle only does Bionicle: Derelicts now.


Since when? :joy:
iBionicle does absolutely nothing if he doesn’t get his power rush first.


Well, the only Biotube videos I followed were KylerNuva135, but I have been active on CBW since 2010. I’ve owned BIONICLE since 2006.

Oh, he’s putting out a video or two maybe every year. Sometimes he puts out a couple, but he’s not making stopmotion or anything.

CBW is… I don’t even know. Callan’s singing channel or something.

Actually, I was just interviewing Callan the other night (full interview coming to my channel this weekend) he said because of all the feedback he’s gotten he will be continuing after he’s off to college.

As for new Biotubers popping up. I really haven’t seen that many. ToaOfUltimateDoom as some said, one or two others who’s names I sadly forget, and my group, the BIonicle Comedy Central, is working on getting up there. We have been doing weekly stop motion for a while now. (I know this sound a bit like adverting, but I’m a Master so it’s OK right? :P).
I would really like to see some more new Biotubers who are dedicated to their work. I feel there’s a lot who could do it, but we just haven’t seen many who’ve put forth enough dedication just yet.

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