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ninjago necromancer’s dragon alt build


A quick one for Benny’s Space Squad:

Lego Racers Intensifies


I made a lil combiner using parts from some magazine sets:
11942 Moon Lander
892172 Lloyd
912168 Mandalorian

I call him Hi-Hat :slight_smile:


So I just got and decided to combine 2 space mining mech sets

Sadly no minifigure so I threw him in from my own parts


Did this work?

After a whole lot of struggling, I managed to get this picture off my phone from about 3 years ago.

I remade Skull Scorpio from the original set, plus both G2 Pohatus, Ketar, the Protector of Stone, and Umarak the Destroyer.

Alternate view with a better view of the torso:

Every joint in the tail is a double or triple joint (even the blade joints):


I found some more unposted old combination models while looking through archived files.

This first one I think combines 30253 The Joker Battle Training and 70362 Battle Suit Clay, just a Jokerised version of the set really.

The second combines 8573 Nuhvok Kal, 8577 Pahrak Kal and 8574 Tahnok Kal, presumably as a sort of customised version of Bohrok Kal Kaita Za. If I remember right, I’d just gotten Tahnok Kal off Bricklink at the time so was playing with the pieces.

Here’s an image too of an apparently customised Ultimate Dume next to New Horizons II for some reason.


Wow theses are really creative! Gotta love that bohrok combo

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Here’s a combo of all 6 voyatoran. I might try to find a way to put some masks on the shoulders one day (and maybe make the feet a different color), but I don’t feel like doing it now. It was kind of a hassle to get all of the voyatorans’ pieces in a group.

Also, as with any future Combo Models I make, it’s intended to look llike something that Lego could’ve released

Here’s my made up in-story explanation for it:
This is a Voya Nui Resistence drone. They were invented by Velika, and are comprised of the bodies of the matoran who were killed by the Piraka.


I wondered what an 2001 phantoka/mistika kaita would be, so I built this. Apologies for the poor photo.


Here are some combo models I recently made, and one I posted a while ago:

Scissor Mantis (Matau Metru + Matau Hordika):

FireFlyer (Vakama Metru + Vakama Hordika + Visorak Vohtarak):

Zyglak Toa Mata Combiner (Tahu + Gali + Kopaka + Onua):


How did I miss that Zyglak when you first posted it? This is glorious.

The head shape is awesome, and there are plenty of features brought over form the original model. Great job.


Where do you start with the combo model?

Do you mean how I get my ideas? or do you mean something else.

If the first, I kind of just picked a few sets I had, disassembled them, and tried to find interesting part combinations. Like the Mantis I saw the blade pieces and noticed a claw shape I could use, emulating an insect. For the Fireflyer, I was trying shaping with the orange V on the torso. I had built those two around the same time so they are pretty similar. For the Zyglak it was a combination of the colors and the head shape that made me see a similarity to the original combiner, and then try an execute that with the parts I had. Hopefully that answers your question.


I suppose I should add this:
it should be noted that one of the tan 90 degree connectors should be black (one from Pohatu got mixed in somehow)


I recently picked up 2 of the Ninjago polybag 30591 Titanium Mini Mech and built this guy out of the pieces. He kinda looks like a mix of Matoro Mahri and Pohatu Phantoka.


Gonna drop this lad here. This one uses lehvak, lehvak va, and lehvak kal.


Makes me want to go hunting myself to see a full team of these guys.

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posable little swedish robot


Did some more combo models.

Some swans.

And a bohrok mega fusion.

Combo models are fun to work on.


Made this Metrutoran Nui a while back