The Dark Toa: a how-to (not in the how-to topic because it has a couple of modded parts, but I was asked to do this so here goes.)

Here is a how to of The Dark Toa. Took a lot of pictures, so I hope you're happy. Again, the concept credit goes to lalam24 on deviantart.

First we have the back and neck region.

Then we have the head, which is actually my original design.

After that we have the front upper torso region.

Next, we have the lower torso.

Now we have the arms.

And finally, the legs.

And now you have the completed MOC. It looks like a Toa Mata, but it is much more articulate. It also looks better proportionally. You can make any custom version of this, this was my idea. Also, the red ball really breaks the color scheme, but it's all I have at the moment, the blue pin-axles do as well, but black ones don't provide enough friction, anf the 3-long axle with a stud in the lower torso is supposed to be modded to be shortened by 1 length. All the dark grey peices should be black, and all the clear slanted tiles should also be black.


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