The DarkNinja Script Collection

Are you a GOOD video maker, but a BAD idea-maker/scipt-write? Well, GUESS WHAT! I come up with Ideas all the time for stop-motions, but my skills at actually putting it in a video are SO newby, that I decided I'd make scripts, and let people tell me if they want to use them. The plan is...

1) Pick out the desired one

2) Contact me through the forums or email ( for permission on using one of my scripts

3) Get a-video-makin! (crediting ME of course)

I WILL be making scripts for and sharing them with this, so check in every once in a while. Who knows, a brilliant video from the combo of our skills may be be born because of it smile . So, watcha waiting for!


.....ehhhh. Maybe at some point but for now I'm going to focus on City of the Fallen and a few one-off animations starring Ekorak 2015.

That's fine, Mr. Oblivion.