The DC Extended Universe

Since we've Topic on MCU so what about DCCU Movies with Bats v Sups and SS in Next Year along with Aquaman,Wonder Woman,The Flash,SHAZAM,Green Lantern, & The Justice League 2-Parter and oh course Man Of Steel and it's "Prothems."


Ha. Ha. Ha.
I can not get hype for any of these movies. I try, but I can't, especially for The Flash, who is probably my favorite DC character, who also just so happens to have a TV show right now. Just watch, when the casuals see trailers and see that the Barry Allen they know and (if they're anything like me) love. Also, a Justice League movie shortly after the introduction of their universe, before any other characters get their own solo movies, is going to lack character develpment for everyone besides Superman and Batman. Either it ends up being two hours of action with no development, or turns out to be Character Development: The Movie. Maybe if Batman V. Superman is good, then I'll get hype. As for right now, I'll stick with their TV universe (which is great, and get hype for Legends of Tomorrow.)


I can.


DC has got it all backwards. You need to establish the rest of the characters to lead UP to the Justice League, not do "Justice League" and then talk about the rest. Otherwise, any threat one hero can take care of in those individual movies will feel like less of a threat, since the JL can take care of them.


DC knows they have it backwards they're competing with marvel in the culture war (They're losing badly BTW). If they could make a whole universe with solo movies (Which they tried) they totally would. Problem is. marvel is too far ahead and DC is struggling to catch up.


Honestly, this one looks the best. Jason Momoa is the right decision IMO for the role of Aquaman. I might like Green Lantern, depending on which Lantern they choose. I need Jon Stuart, gosh dang it.

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Superhero popculture is likely to burn out eventually so they also need to get it in while they can.


Its a bunch of things but yeah that too.

I would get hype for anything in the CU if it was somehow linked to the DCAU.

Sadly it's not, so I'm not looking forward to anything.

I hope they use Wally or Bart!

I agree with this right here

My eyes! They burn
John Stewart*

Also, I heard they wanted to call it "The DC Shared Universe", to un-associate themselves with Marvel.

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I do a lot of work and research on DC, more than I do with Marvel. And I'm a Marvel guy through and through, but I like DC a lot, because I feel like DC has a lot of great concepts with their characters, but they're not doing them right.

For instance, Wonder Woman. Who is Wonder Woman? DC tries to make her one of their "Big Three", but that character has rarely been written well, or been popular in terms of comic stories. Is she a warrior? Is she an ambassador? Is she a teacher? Every writer comes along and tries to write her differently, and none of them seem to stick.

And Superman. Superman is a great character that nobody knows how to write. And they're doing this thing where they try to make him relevant and interesting, but they approach it the wrong way. They think Superman killing people is somehow the kick they needed (so much so that he committed three murders in 2013; General Zod in *Man of Steel*, The Joker in *Injustice*, and Doctor Light in *Action Comics*).

If you really want to make Superman interesting, it's simple. What do you do with a character that always does the right thing? Put him in situations where there is no clear right thing. Put him in extraordinarily grey situations, with no clear good outcome and no clear good decision. We all have those moments in our lives, and that's the connection and humanity you need to have Superman feel vulnerable.

I have a whole mini-podcast thing done with Meso about DC that I should upload someday. It goes into more detail. Some day...


I gotta say, you seemed to have addressed Superman and Wonder Woman's biggest issues. I've always wondered why nowadays they didn't feel right, and I feel what you just explained seems to have addressed the issue as Batman would say after defeating Mr. Polka-dot "right on the spot."


I would love to hear that!


DC did a dumb move by not having the movies and TV shows linked IMO


Take a look at how low Arrow has gotten, I'd rather they not be connected. The Flash is good, but you never know, because they're getting into Multiverse stuff, ya'know.


They did say that Arrow would be headed to a lighter tone, and I'm all for the Flash tv show going for the multiverse. It makes it a lot more 'comic book-y', if you will. Also, I really want Legends of Tomorrow to be a thing in the DCCU. Also, I feel like this topic is a bit premature, considering we've only had one movie so far, which isn't very indicative of how it's going to go. Even I'm going out on a limb by saying that I probably won't enjoy Batman v. Superman.


I'm a little sad that Batman vs. Superman is going to be completely disconnected from The Dark Knight trilogy. Say what you will, but I loved those movies.

I haven't even touched the shows as of yet. Might have to look into them for a summer break pastime.


Everyone likes those movies...

If you said something like "I really wish the Joel Schumacher films were part of supes v bats" THEN we'd have a problem.


Except those people that hate everything that's actually good.
But they aren't really people


The only movie I can really get hyped for is Shazam. And that's because it hasn't been done since the 40's. Everything else will hinge on how they treat Batman v. Superman because so far, every character is set to be dark and brooding. I mean, look what happened to Aquaman! Sure he looks cool, but now I fear he's going to be just another dark and brooding Batman wannabe. DC seems to think that the Nolan aesthetic will work for every superhero, which just isn't true.