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Snyder cut is dumb.

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I cannot wait for Snyder cut

Truth be told - it’ll be much better than what we already have. Also, if you kept track of the DC Animated Universe Series. Synder’s cut inspired Justice League Dark: Apokalips War. And that animated movie was actually an excellent one at that.

Would you rather have the DCEU rebooted or see if they can do better in the future?

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Well I am so happy that Cavill is doing more Superman movies since he is awesome as Superman minus the parallels to a historic figure.

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Cavil has done excellently imo. He helped to humanize the character

Where is the “just end it” option?


I can’t put it there because we need Darkseid

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Have you guys heard that the Snyder cut of Justice League is actually gonna get made? On TV, no less? This means we can finally get the version of the movie that the fans have been clamoring for.

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On hbo max. I think it’ll be in parts, so I’ll get the free preview after all the parts are out