The Debt

I heard about gangsters and suff in po koro and knowing Pohatu is gonna get into trouble he might get himself into trouble with Arkmu for not biding orders and seeking help to get out of po koro.

First sketch

Frame 1
: Nilkuu: Almost there…

Frame 2:
Nilkuu: I just hope this is…

Unknown: Welcome… Nilkuu

Frame 3
Nilkuu: you know my name? how?
Unknown: I got eyes and ears everywhere… .son, I know everything that is worth knowing.

Frame 4
Unkown: also why you have come, you are a matoran with problems, and I can offer solutions…

Frame 5
Nilkuu: Thank you sir… ???

Frame 6
No need for formalities, You can call me Hafu.
Frame 7
Hafu: You are that Kolhi player that did not follow Akmus plans, I like that.
Nilkuu: well, he wanted me to lose, I don’t play that way.
Hafu: honesty, a quallity that sadly has gotten too many burried to their knees…
Frame 8
Head down.

Frame 9, Now Ill offer you a way out of Po koro, Akmu probaly already got all your property… Ill say you need to lay low for now. I could use a person like you…

Frame 10:
Nilkuu: but I don’t have anything to pay you with?
Hafu: no need.

Frame 11:
Hafu: Lets say that I scratch your back and you scratch mine when I need a person like you.
What you say partner?

Nilkuu is gonna go to the temple of Ketar and there be TOAED up while he is in debt to one of the gangsters of Pokoro,

This gets important to why Pohatu gives the masks to his people.


Hafu: bring us the girl and wipe away the debt


I am sold on this idea.
This could work with the idea of Pohatu going through the whole, am I worthy, character story/development I really wanted for him.