The Defenders of Virtue(My Toa Team)

With the news that Bionicle is coming back and the launch of the TTV forums. I figured I’d take and post an updated photo of my original Toa team. Most of them are several years old and haven’t been updated, as you can see a few have been improved upon since their earlier forms.

From Left to Right theres:

Midori and the sky speeder.

Melanthios and the Innenrrad.



Gravix(Mechus was disassembled)

Aqualia(Shui Long Disassembled)

There is technically a seventh member, Melanthio’s Brother [Atlas][1]. In the story Atlas is killed in battle and his younger brother Melanthios begs Archimedes to be allowed on the team so that he can avenge his brother, as well as serve to protect in his stead. Archimedes agrees and Melanthios became his fallen brother’s replacement in The Defenders of Virtue.

MOC wise Melanthios and the Innenrrad, and Crixus have been the only MOCs to receive updates. Archimedes is slated to be updated next.

**All the photos are clickthrough links to their deviations on Deviantart where you can read more about them. **

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I wish my “Like Limit” wasn’t reached for the day, because you deserve about thirty for these MOCs!

HOLY MOTHER OF TUMA THESE ARE WONDERFUL! but the feet on crixus are a little to small and gravix has weird but cool colourscheme, midori is probably my favorite, with melanthios a close second

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I really do like these, proportionally I believ some areas could see adjustment, but at the given state they already have very impressive builds.Especiall Archimedes’s wing design, it folds and seems very stable. Definitly post more.

@ToaVuhii Thank you, that’s very kind of you. :smiley: Though I hope they take away the like and post limitations. Seems kinda counterproductive to limit people’s ability to use a new forum.

@Toa_potao Thank you as well. Well our feet aren’t actually that big proportionate to our bodies, and I have a 12 1/2 mens sizes shoe, so its not like I have small feet. I think we’re just accustomed to the ginormous feet from bionicle and HF sets.
Of the six, Melly and the Innenrrad is definitely my favorite. Take away the Innenrrad and Melly is still my fave. You just can’t beat a satyr with dreadlocks and a *goat*ee. >:)

@miserax4 Thanks to you as well. Agreed. the older ones are definitely well…old. And their proportions and technique isn’t as good. Crixus is literally based on the Inika build since he’s a Glatorian, so blame his wonky proportions on those of the Inika build. Archimede’s wing design isn’t entirely my own though. Its really just the Kardas Dragon’s wing design and I just beefed it up a bit. I definitely want to post more MOCs. So thank you for the encouragement. :smiley:

Okay, these are fantastic. Melanthios and the Innenrrad would probably be my favorite; that vehicle looks absolutely awesome and very well designed. Archimedes would probably be second favorite out of your group here, although they all are rather well designed.



Wow I wish I could make mocs like these. They are beautiful!

Thanks Meso that means a lot to me coming from you.

@Detox You could though. Anyone can. It just takes time, patience, practice, and a good deal of money. I didn’t get to where I could build like this overnight. I’ve been at it for about 10 years now and playing with lego since I was 2, and I’m 25 now. Suffice to say I’m invested. Its a hobby like anything else, if you wanna get good at it you gotta try, gotta practice and you have to challenge yourself. And I say this to anyone reading who wishes they could be a proficient MOCer.

its beautiful * sniff * I’m not crying there is just * sniff * something in my eye.

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LAWL thank you. * hands you a tissue * think this is beautiful just wait until I post the Bricks By The Bay photos. XD

if only I had money…* crys * I would try to improve but…im lazy…sad i know

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Its definitely not a cheap hobby. I got most of my collection of parts as a teenager back when I got good allowance. Now its considerably tougher but I still manage. I focus almost primarily on this now though. It takes a certain level of investment to be able to do this well, it takes the investment of money into buying the sets or parts off of Bricklink or Ebay, and it takes the investment of time and energy to figure out what kinds of things work for you. What you see me post today is the product of 10 years of that effort.

MOCing is very much like learning to play an instrument(which I’ve done) unless you’re really gifted at it, its not going to be easy but it sure as heck is going to be worth it.

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