The Departure

“My friends, my brothers.”

“I’m afraid that this chapter in my story is coming to an
end. The course of events that led me here is now beyond my control, and I must
be swept away towards my ultimate destiny. I could fight it, of course, but I
find it easier to accept this new path and seek out what secrets are hidden on
it. The mask I wear now has become a status quo for me that runs contrary to
who I seek to be– I must discard it and move on. “

“Know that, for my time here, you were the ones that
supported, encouraged, and aided me when I was unsure of my direction. With
your help, my direction is at last known to me.”

“Jetera, Master of Storms, The Stormhawk.”

This is my unofficial goodbye to the Message Boards. College
starts in a few days and I need to have the time and attention to devote to it.
I’ll show up every once in a while, mostly on the BIONICLE discussion topics
and with new MOCs.

Thanks to anyone and everyone that I interacted with here.

Wish I could do something along the lines of individual thank yous but I don’t think I know most of you well enough to be able to do that.


@Hawkflight you will be missed I’m sure. Not by me, but by someone else who cares more.

Bye Hawky. See you around.

See ya man, good luck in college.

rip in rickroll
cause of death: college
11/10 not enough water -IGN

Bye, Hawk.

Goodbye for now, Hawk.

I wish you the best of luck in collage.

Goodbye senior Hawk man.

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Bye, Hawkflight. We’ll miss you here on the boards! I hope you do well in college!

Goodbye, Hawkflight! I will forever remember our good times, like me deducing your guilt in that one Mafia game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope things go well for you.



adios, mi amigo

gonna mis you hawk ;-;

Going to miss you man. Remember us and think about the good times!

Goodbye Hawkflight. You shall be missed.

You will not be forgotten.

Although we do not know each other I wish you luck and prosperity for the next chapter of your life, goodbye sir…

Though yeah, i hope college goes well. I know we didn’t interact too much though it sucks that you are leaving even if its only for college and stuff. I hope you return soon.

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Bye bye @Hawkflight!
Hope to see you soon!

Goodbye Hawk.
When you do show up again, I will remember you.

See ya Hawk. You’ve been quite the mainstay in the CC category over this past year, we’re gonna miss ya.

RIP in Proxies

I did not know thy well, but I hope in your return we may become acquainted properly.