The Desert Dweller (and some other things)

Something I drew quite a while a go, one of my Glatorian MOCs, Mistral:

It’s pretty quick and dirty, and I’m trying to find the right balance between getting pictures done quickly enough (I regrettably don’t have much time for drawing) and making them look good. Right now, I’m working on pictures for Matoran of each tribe, which I plan to use in a Nova-Orbis like project that I’m working on. Here’s some I’ve already done:


Making the Kanohi Miru look less… insane than usual was a fun challenge.


One of the first pictures I tried shading on.


Somewhat sketchy character, perhaps?


Easily the most fun one so far.

Comments? Suggestions?


The Le-Matoran looks almost female. Otherwise, these all look great. I really like the realism they all have.


She is. I’m no fan of gender locking, and hence I use the same excuse Nova Orbis did; modern Matoran are the result of the Agori and Matoran cultures coming together, and hence are much more organic and no longer gender-locked by element like their predecessors. Most of their tribe’s general characteristics, like Le-Matoran living in tree huts, and Ga-Matoran being able to hold their breath longer, have remained though.


Cool I’m just not the hugest fan of hair on Bionicles… anyways it’s you’re art so do as you want :slight_smile: (That is other than on the glatorian)


All of these look nice

infact the Onu-Matoran is sorta like me

I’ve seen the Nova Orbis stuff, and this matches with it very closely. Awesome drawings, all of them. All of the Matoran have characteristics that fit with their element. Great job!

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Much love for this, Really digging the art style.

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Looks good. The human/bionicle fusion is… peculiar.

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Love these! Very, very nice interpretations of an unusual concept.

Hair: eh

Different feet (depends on element): Dope unusual idea!