The DUMBEST Mask-O-Lantern

So I decided to make a Jack-O-Lantern for halloween, so I made it in the likeness of mah fav mask, the kanohi Miru.

And ofcourse I had to make its g2 counterpart, the kanohi Bo


That Jack-O-Miru with the Headphones is just wow! :laughing:

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The mirus a dumb mask
I'm sorry man but this thing is great

This is awesome. I wish I thought of making a Bionicle Jack-O-Lantern...

Hmm, Bo, the prefix for Plantlife? Meh.

... looks more like a Jack Eljay



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This is golden!

Much apreciatted. Such thanks. :smile:

@SpookekoaOfJungle Well, there is no full matoran word for jungle, so thats the only way to say the mask of jungle in a g2 ish way. thx anyway

@Stoax No, its orange. BADUM TSSS

Il see myself out..

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

thaaaaaannnkkk yyyyyuuuuuuuuu spooooooopyyyyyy :grinning:

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Yooooooouuuuuuuur weeeeeeeeeeelcooooooome! :grinning:

I really like this! reminds me of my own Jack o lantern.

@DinoClaw how dare you compare me masterpiece to your inferior work? JKJKJKJK

This is really cool! Really captures the Miru substance :P.

That isn't how you carve a pumpkin
That said, it doesn't look too bad.

My computer is currently unavailable, so I had to use the library one to write this down. So I ran to the library, and once I reached the pc I saw a thing so horrible my eyes bled with fury:
Closed until 13:00.
and after 30 minutes of waiting:

I am sorry. :grinning: Just joking @Alijar plox dont kill meh.
And btw why is that not how a pumpkin is carved?