The Earth Tribe (As revealed by Greg Farshtey)

This Sunday, Greg finally released the promised information on the Earth Tribe. It’s the second to last post on this page. I’m not sure if anyone else has talked about it, but it seems they were behind the Core War becoming as massive and damaging as it was.


I think it’s a cool idea. Kinda wish we’d known about it back in the day, but it’s nice to finally have a substantial piece of new info about G1 after so long.



Earth finally getting the complete recognition it deserves! MASTER RACE! MASTER RACE! MASTER RACE!

Oh. Well then…


Holy Gadunka! Mine eyes hath been opened to wonders… :neutral_face:

Just read it all I have to say is… L A M E.

You say that, but just wait and see what Greg has to say about my question asking if the Earth Tribe ride bio-mechanical tyrannosauruses :stuck_out_tongue:


You need to ask him to canonize humans.

Is he implying that there were some efforts made by other tribes to end the war, but the Earth tribe continuously thwarted them in some way?

That’s what it seems.


What I want to know, is what’s the current status of the Earth Tribe. Yeah I know that effectively banished and what not, but I think two massive robots throwing down, or two moons crashing to the the planet, or the complete reformation of said planet, would have had them coming out to the surface all thinking, "Sweet mother of god, what the ever loving heck is going on out here.

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He needs to canonize that HF happens after Bionicle, and all good guy/bad guy sets. We need to destroy G1s story before Greg Leaves, end it once and for all.

What good could any of this possibly do? Why would you want to ruin G1?

…Any purpose to this…?


Ok, so we know about the Earth Tribe, but what we actually want is for good guy to be canon.


Cause G1s story has been dead for 7 years (wow that long…) It pointless now the best thing it can do now is troll the fans. And even if it was made canon who cares, It doesn’t affect anything and is more of a joke. It would also mean Eljay would have to do reviews on all the good guy/bad guy sets.

Well that’s a pretty pessimistic way of looking at it.

No. No it isn’t. There are so many better options, like Greg answer questions that you’ve always wonders, or clarifying particular parts of the story.[quote=“cqbchase, post:15, topic:32381”]
And even if it was made canon who cares

Literally everyone would care. Making things in G1 cannon is a huge deal now a days, especially because Bionicle ended 7 years ago.

Cannonizing humans, HF, and the good and bad guys, could have massive impacts on the story.

That’s kind of like calling all of G1 a joke. :expressionless:

I don’t think several 10 minute invidious about crappy pollybags are worth completely ruining G1. Besides, the recaps are over. Even if they where made cannon, I don’t think @Eljay would review them.

Though, this is all assuming that Greg would actually go through with all of this insane crap.


well it’s something, it is actually rather interesting

earth tribe sounds smarter than the average ones


My guess is they were too few in number and already disliked by everyone to really reveal themselves and offer aid or really do anything. I’m sure they were stunned though watching Mata Nui and Makuta duke it out though. Maybe they were intended to be part of Velika’s minions at some point. I could see him going like “Hey I can protect you guys from all those mean tribes and those Toa folk will just side with the other Agori soooo why don’t you just join me bro”

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It’s nice to see another substantial piece of info for G1 again. While the premise of an Earth Tribe seemed odd initially given other similar tribes, I find this to be some interesting background.

Canonization of good guy and HF and all that
Is just a joke.
That I think some people are taking a bit too seriously.