The Earth Tribe (As revealed by Greg Farshtey)

It’s SUPPOSED to be a joke, though you know how jokes can go too far from people who are a bit too persistent (need I mention a certain Av-Matoran?)

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Lol nope. So much nope.

Some people still like to follow this lore though. Like me.

That’s… Rather sadistic.


I know some people still follow the lore, but tbh Gregs answers really don’t mean that much, I mean he says that romance isn’t canon in Mnog, but I mean should we take his word or what actually happened in Bionicle media? It be hilarious to completely mess things up as he leaves. I mean if he said that HF was in the bionicle universe it really wouldn’t mean anything but everyone would flip, lol. And yes but it’s sadistically funny.

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I was pretty sure it was confirmed by other LEGO officials that MNOG is not 100% canon.

But I get what you mean. But if we don’t take his word, some BIONICLE media begins to contradict itself, and I’d rather we have it so it doesn’t.


I understand you, and I know romance isn’t official canon, but I think it be funny if he massively trolled everyone before the LMB shutdown. It honestly be the most you could do with the remainder of G1, I mean sure I’d love for him to finish the serials and reveal Takanuvas destiny and such but it’s not going to happen and I’d rather have something hilarious then something insignificant like the Earth Tribe, and to be fair Bionicle media already contradicts itself even with Gregs words XD (awaking mata-nui in MoL and makuta talking to himself in LoMN. I atleast want the good/bad guys canonized as arthaka matoran or puppets so Eljay has to review all of them.

Greg would lose all respectability by trolling us, and possibly his job. Greg wouldn’t risk it.

Finishing the serials and revealing Takanuva’s destiny I definitely wanna see.


I need good/bad guy canonized… Idk if Greg honestly cares about “respectability” as most of the people on the boards are 12 years olds bothering him XD He probably wouldn’t lose his job as there dead themes. I don’t think he would do it either but hes honestly not doing anything else either :confused: well I wonder if this will be the last we see of G1.

Actually he’s an editor for Lego Magazine and does other work at LEGO. He also is trying to raise a daughter.

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I meant he’s not doing anything else with the G1

That’s about as close to retroactively ruining everyone’s childhoods as you can get,
You’re horrible, you know that?
Stop it, get some help.


What? No. If anything, there are repeated indications from people on the story team that aren’t Greg that they did consider it “canon” (in as much of a capacity as they cared about the concept). Like, MNOG is pretty obviously the basis of Mask of Light, not to mention how Christian Faber shared some of his concept art from when the Bionicle team met with Templar to get the game started. And let’s not forget, when the PC game was cancelled the story team had Templar use MNOG to provide the official ending to the 2001 story. You don’t -do- that if you don’t consider MNOG important and relevant.

Greg just seems to be really misinformed about things that happened with Bionicle before he got into it himself, which happens to include practically everything about 2001.

ALSO sorry for the doublepost (or will this just be merged with my last post?) but since people are talking about it Greg already canonized good guy/bad guy YEARS ago as puppets that the Voya Nui Matoran used to represent the conflict between the Inika and Piraka. I guess people don’t remember because A) Greg’s Q&As on BZP are gone and B) I think it was one of those things the BS01 people refused to have added to the wiki because they didn’t like it

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He canonized them as puppets already? Awe man I got to find this if it’s real to show Eljay. Also Great work on those animations.

Okay, let me just clarify.

MNOG is canon.

It is not 100% canon.

The basic story told in MNOG is exactly what happened. The only contradictions lie in the MackuxHewkii relationship and in the Toa Mangaia forming before the Manas, and that may have been retconned afterwards when they decided to have Gali and Kopaka have a vision about the Mangaia.

And let’s not forget that MNOG wasn’t supposed to be the main story. There was the aforementioned game and a movie too, both of which failed. MNOG became the story for 01 by accident.



I think a simpler way to put it is that MNOG is canon, but it wasn’t necessarily intended to be canon. It was never officially authorised by the story team, but it just kind of became canon anyway since the story team used it for future story. They certainly considered it canon by the time it was done, it was just never OFFICIALLY acknowledged while it was in development.

Anyway, back on topic; I like this reveal. Doesn’t really change much but it gives a bit more of a sinister feel to the Core War.

Now all we need are endings to the 2011 serials…

As short as it is, it is sort of satisfying. The only issue is the abrupt ‘banished from society’ part. Could’ve gone into more detail on that. We do HAVE to find out what Takanuva’s destiny was though, unless Lego makes G3 and connects it to G1 or something (would be cool actually now that I think about the open ends). We also do need those serials. One thing I hated was that they made Tahu’s destiny to bear the golden armor. He already had a destiny, awaken Mata Nui, who had awakened and was now fighting their ultimate enemy giant robot style. It would’ve been slightly strange but why not do something with Takanuva and reveal his destiny? I feel Tahu’s was just thrown in last minute so they could not have a complicated way of destroying the Rahkshi, not to mention the golden armor thing is VERY generic. They gave it a sort of backstory but that’s it. Would’ve been better with Takanuva seeing as he took down Teridax the first time and he can ‘1-shot’ Rahkshi with his light powers. But it’s too late. D:

(EDIT: WAIT! The other good/bad guy’s might be canon!?! That explanation is obscure and hilarious considering their builds and lack of… everything…)

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So uh, why is it that we have both a rock tribe and an earth tribe? What’s the distinction, because I seem to be missing something here. I don’t recall there ever being a mention of a separate tribe in the story- save Iron, which was referred to as such(not as earth). I always kind of assumed that the rock tribe represented the element of earth…


Rock is stone, oddly enough


I can’t believe how smart were the Earth Agori. But the fact they only stayed and wait, and at the final of the war they don’t won nothing make me laugh.

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I’m kind of on the fence on this one. On the one hand, it fleshes out the tribe and confirms my head canon that the EL of Earth is female (not said in the original post, but after). On the other hand, it’s a big canonization that really isn’t necessary, as it won’t pan out in any significant way. I think it’s better to just leave some of the loose ends alone, so that people have the freedom to envision their own resolutions. Minor technical questions are fine, but I tend to shy away from larger story confirmations, as they take away a lot of the interesting speculation and freedom for fan work (assuming you want to stick to the canon in your fiction).

Anyway, it’s an interesting story, though it has some flaws–such as the oddness of a nature-loving tribe deliberately putting the planet in danger just to get control of the EP. That aside, it’s canon now, so I’ll treat it accordingly (by meticulously incorporating it into my continuation story, of course :stuck_out_tongue:).

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Really? How exactly? What was the post?