The Ekimu MOC

I wondered what Ekimu would look like as a set, so I made him out of some of the new pieces from Bionicle... So, here are some pictures

Looking straight forward

From behind to look at his gearbox

Lying on the ground in an endless sleep

Sorry for the bad quality, I took the pictures from my phone... He just needs the Mask of Creation, so tell me what you think?


Looks good, for the parts available!
If you can, I'd use this guy for the shoulders.


Yeah, I don't have that piece, plus I don't wanna mix Bionicle Gen. 2 with any Hero Factory, or Bionicle Gen. 1, if I did have that piece, but that probably would've looked a little bit better

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Nice MOC. Really makes me wish LEGO could release the Mask of Creation sooner so you can add the finishing touches to this creation.



seriously the shoulders are like

Onua levels of wide


That's a piece used in the Chima ultrabuild sets, and... why? It's all the same system (CCBS) and the parts are designed to be used with each other.


That looks awesome!

They will, they just haven't done it yet.

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Excellent MOC.

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You can spot a golden MoC at NYCC. This means that LEGO has already created a mold of it. Now we just have to wait for its official release in a future set.


I know that I was just JKing.

This is the best looking one I've seen so far. I would also suggest the hammer have the circular trans-blue thing.

[edit] Found it!


You know what'd be cool? If Ekimu's hammer is a double blaster that fires two ways at once.


A hilariously impractical armament.


story-wise, yeah, but It'd be cool setwise.

I'm sorry but

I think that's what it is

Guys, he just wants to stick to the new BIONICLE parts.

My brother and I don't like mixing sets with other sets. We are set completists, whatever we make, we break and put back in the set boxes.

(Unless we got the parts from a non-set (Ex. eBay lot, Pick-a-Brick, etc.) Then we MOC like crazy.)

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I think it can only fire one at a time the way @Veltraxx has it set up. Am I wrong?

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Nope. You're right.

I'm saying the actual set form may have something like that.

This MOC's hammer is apparently capable of firing two ways. I see no reason why it would be physically unable to do so.

Well, okay. That's an interesting philosophy considering the purported purpose of Lego. But to each their own, Kre. :wink:

No, that'd still be silly. By firing the weapon you launch studs in two directions simultaneously. Talk about shoddy aim. :laughing: