The Element Lord

“Gathered friends listen to a tale not yet forged in the sands of Spherus Magna. Once there were great lords who twisted the elements themselves and were consumed by the forces they wielded like rakua moths to a flame, one lord was never forged however he had to steal his power and when he returned home he found his people had died off due to a plague and the other tribes didn’t intervene and did nothing to stop the epidemic. On that very day a spirit of rage was born and the Lord of Iron marched into the realm of Fire killing any who stood in his way until he reached the lord whom he challenged to one on one combat, the two fought and it ended with the Lord of Fire being maimed and killed and his power transferring to his killer. The Lord of Iron personally slaughtered the other Lords gaining more power until the Great Ones intervened and using a peculiar golden mask they vanquished the conquerer thinking he was gone, however he was thrown through dimensions and he appeared on Spherus Magna not two days ago and I fear that he may attempt to build an empire on our ashes.”


By the way I shouldn’t have to say this but AU enjoy speculating how this plays out.