The Elter Beast

This is a creation of mine I worked for a shorter time on than most, and I’ll admit that the overall build of it is rather bland.

What I wanted to showcase here is the facial structure, which is fully articulate. In fact, not only can he open his mouth, but he can also raise both eyebrows and his horns, which represent ears. This makes him really useful for expression.

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As you say, the face is quite articulate, and I agree. The head is a very cool and creative build. I also really like the proportions as they aren’t normal and they make it clear that this being is a beast. Well done here.



The head looks amazing!
I like the slender and creepy look it has
Cool moc

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Somewhat messy, but I like it. It looks like it would fit in with something from the Pit.


I really like the tall, lanky appearance this guys has.

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nice man

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Wow, it is perfect, and kinda gives me the Erie creeps

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I really like the bug/alien like appearance that you gave him really GOOD!

This first version was pretty cool. I think maybe even in some respects a bit cooler than the next one, but in others not so much.