The end of a warrior. (Anniversary contest entry)

Water dripped down a grey, stone pillar. The noise of cheers and hollering was outstanding compared to the relaxing tune of the burning flames. Sanding in the rain was a tall, thin being. Its green and silver armor gleamed in the moonlight, three sharp blades rested in three of his four clawed hands. a long silver chain was held in the other. His mask was a bright silver, cleanly polished like his armor and blades. His muscles flexed he threw his hands into the air, causing the crowd to scream louder.

“THE SLICER!” He yelled.

“SLICER!” “SLICER” SLICER!” They cheered as a hatch opened and a even taller warrior stepped out. his armor was dirty and worn, his mask looked as if it was mauled by a crazy hound.

The Slicer smiled when he saw his opponent. he noted that he seemed to be favoring his right side and had a noticeable limp. the aged warrior threw his hands in the air expecting to be met with the same praise…….

…….Silence………complete…and utter silence…

The Slicer’s face lit up as he pointed his upper right blade at his quarry.

“To a good battle!” he grinned as the other being nodded.



“THREE!” The announcer yelled as both of the fighters charged. Slicer whipped his chain and spun his hooked blades. The older warrior was slammed into by Slicer’s chain, sending him to his knees. Slicer ran at the fallen form, leaping over his back and slashing into his backplates.

The crowd screamed as Slicer thrust his blade at the warrior’s throat.

“Yield to me, and this goes no further” Slicer smiled.

“I………concede” the gladiator coughed.

The crowd then screamed so loud Slicer had to cover his ears.

“Good choice” he said as he walked out of the arena.

As he left he turned to the many villagers that were crowding around him. they were asking for autographs, marriage, and a few were even thrusting their children at the renowned gladiator. Slicer merely grinned as he signed a small child’s mask. he then felt a tap on his foot, he looked down and saw a child, sucking its thumb and holding a doll. it lifted its small figure up and handed it to Slicer.

“Awtuogufh pewze” the chiled asked.

“Why yes my good man” Slicer smiled as he signed the doll’s back, before he noticed it was a doll of the lost mask maker, Ekimu.

“Here you go” he chuckled as he returned to toy to the child.

“Faunk yu” the child replied as he ran back to his parents.

That night Slicer lay in bed, his mind racing. he knew that one day he would no longer be relevant. And as soon as that happened he would be nothing but an old legend, and that was if he was lucky. He slowly drifted to sleep as his mind eased.

Slicer pulled himself to his feet as he gazed out the window. His home was not anything that could hold true to his fame and glory, it was only a small hut on the outskirts of the city of the mask makers. as he strode to the arena for training the sky seemed darker than was the norm. As if the sun never quite went all the way up in the morning. Clouds covered most of the sky, many of the villager’s were out chatting about what this could mean, as well as what the black specs that were approaching rapidly could be. Slicer shook it off, saying it was just the lack of light. the damp stone pathway that led to the arena was full of people, yet no one seemed to care that a renowned gladiator was walking right past them. he sighed as he went to the observation bleachers and took a seat. his four hands folded across his lap, that as he watched the younger gladiators train he could not help but feel bored. They were weak, and foolish with their fighting styles. Slicer could not help but slowly drift into sleep. Yet his slumber was interrupted by a strange clawing feeling on his mask. he shot out of sleep and saw the creature, it seemed to be some kind of four-legged bug. yet it was the size of a large mask. Slicer yelled as he threw it off his face. turning to the street, he saw many villagers running and screaming as fire blazed through the city. many of the villagers wore the strange creatures on their faces, and a strange red light came from their eyes. Slicer drew his blades and charged as a villager barreled into his stomach, sending him rolling down the bleachers onto the hard stone floor. many loud snapping noises were heard as he crashed to the arena. he slowly got to his feet and looked at the large group of suddenly hostile villager’s, all of which were wearing the strange creatures. A few of them had weapons and sharp objects in their hands. Slicer saw what was happening, he charged up a staircase and threw many villagers to the ground with a bang. as he sprinted to the gates he saw many of the residents fleeing the city. with them was the little boy he met yesterday, standing in the middle of the street arena, screaming as the possessed villagers surrounded him. Slicer’s eyes narrowed as he charged down the street and jumped into the arena, crashing his blades into many of the villagers. the gates of the arena began to swiftly close as Slicer picked the child up and ran to the gates. The boy screamed as Slicer slid under the gate and pulled his sword through. As he did his hand was smashed by the falling gate, blood oozed from under the heavy stone slab. one of the creatures jumped onto his head as he screamed for help. he then felt a sharp pain as a blade entered his spine, everything went black as he felt his heart stop…….

So yea, This was something I wanted to do…so I did…yea…

Hope you all enjoyed and good luck in the contest!


I really like this story. I really do. You just need to clean up your grammar and make sure to separate paragraphs, because the last big block of text is really hard to read.

Other than that, I really like this!


Thank you! I will work on it! thanks again!


This was probably one of the more enjoyable ones to read IMO.


Wow! Thanks bud! :smiley:

I’m serious here, because most the other ones lack an attention grabbing beginning and were way to long to stay intrigued. 10/10 would put this in Bionicle website bio


Thanks again!..

And I do not like writing super long things, because they are harder to keep interesting. and I do not like reading them.

that ending though

that was good

god there are so many good pieces of literature, it’s hard to pick :frowning:


Many thanks! and yes, I am good with endings.

you should’ve worked on Mass Effect 3


Lol, or something like that.

ever played mass effect? great game series, very much recommend it

Nope, what is it rated?

M, but it’s great (completely story driven)

also to keep this semi on topic, I liked how slicer just seems like an average dude living his normal gladiator life

Well, I am kinda not allowed to play games rated M…

He is, he was not always a brain-washed minion.

aw man :frowning:

very true, makes me wonder if Basher was sentient

or if the Warriors were like a defense force of normal people


I need to get on to that…

Maybe Basher was the Mask Maker’s body guard…maybe Makuta killed him after/while he made the Mask of ultimate power…

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  • The last bit is really a lot of stuff, maybe separate it a bit. -16
  • There were some letters that needed to be capitals. -7
  • Some things were spelled wrong. -5
  • It was so cool because he is a cool guy, and he got deaded in a gruesome way, and he got evil, and it’s sad. +94,002

Overall Opinion: THAT WAS COOL.


Very dark.

i love it.

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Thank you!

Many thanks!