The epicly revised son of Makuta (G2)

As some of you know a recently i did a son of Makuta which was terrible and a messed up back story and color composition. So i have redone him to the guardian timeline and given him a color and weapon similar to Makuta from a suggestion. So here he is:

Izotor:"Who`s there?come out from the shadows"

"I cannot come out of the shadows, the shadows are made of me"

Izotor:"I`m not afraid to die"

"This is worse then dying"

"Your soul is now mine"

Ekimu:"this has gone on long enough, your death has come"

"Don`t you know teacher, i have already been through death Ekimu and it spat me back out"

"I am now the last mask maker and i will rule Okoto"

So not quite a similar backstory this time, so here it goes:
Ekimu need to teach someone about the key mask making skills to continue his title and Makuta`s son was an obvious choice as his father had told him tales of his masks. But after his father put on the mask and he stopped teaching him and went in search of Makuta. After he learned that Ekimu killed his farther he went on a rampage killed dozens and organised the black market. Killed by the 3 guardians his body was buried in the earths reigns forbidden tunnels. Unfortunately Makuta had put a imprint of his sons mind in a skull spider which took over his body and has destroyed everything he came across.


Oh god, i thought the white protector was meant to be the Moc and a complete joke.
Other than that, i think it looks really nice, but just sorta has something missing, not sure what. Maybe just make the chest a bit more detailed and custom.


yeah but i couldn't but a blue and gold chest plate on his front could i it would ruin the colour that i used which everyone said was terrible (it was)

Idk, it looks very simple and kinda uninteresting, could have some work.


I feel like a gold skull spider mask would look better

this better:


Brave Izotor faced the MOC, he was not afraid to die!

Izotor: I'm not afraid to die!

This looks really simple.

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Still looks really simple, just an standard CCBS build

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The onua chest plate doesn't really work for me

It seems like he has a plane, unarmored back. He also needs some detail on the chest. very big looking, though, so good job on that.