The Exo Project

so this is an idea i had about this artificial species of things used for military n things

sorry for bad picture quality

in order: heavy,engineer,naked(with bony exoskeleton)


Reminds me of the combine from Half-Life 2, taking aliens and making them into cyborgs.


The first one reminds me of a combination of Excalibur from Warframe and an Eva.

Overall this is a pretty interesting concept, the designs are alien but at the same time oddly human.


I really like these. Those teeth really bring a nice look to the design

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don’t know why, but it reminds me of the halo 4 flood

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That first one looks ready to run though a brick wall.

Or, like, ten brick walls…

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So, basically, bootleg EVAs?

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They look like Reanimen from Invincible: