The "explain the joke" topic

So, basically, this is a topic where people can ask someone to explain a joke that they don’t get. I.E. “Why do they yell mardi gra?” then you’d explain, “because meso made a video about mardi gra and his intro was funny.”

And of course, I have one I need explaining. What is with whole “bound by the mundane” joke? I’m so lost…

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wait, only board and Podcast jokes? Cause we already have that

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No, any joke. But we do? Oh. Oops. But yeah, any joke can go I guess.

wait isn’t this already a topic?

He decided to make it a general purpose topic outside TTV jokes… unless that also covers other jokes

Well, since this is too much like the other topic, we could delete it, that would be fine. Sorry for the mix up :smile:

well IDK that’s the thing

Shall we get the mods?

I’d say yeah.

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Closing at request of topic creator.