The Farming Topic

Who here has a farm or works for one? I'm curious to see just how many people are involved with this. So if you do, comment and tell us watcha do!


I've worked on a farm before.

It wasn't really working on the farm.
It was more fixing up the guys house.


Before moving, I used to work on a farm. I fed the cows bales of hay, watered a 3 acre pasture as well as a 37 acre field of alfalfa. We also owned chickens (we still do) from which we got eggs from.

Not the funnest thing I've ever done. However, I will say it helps a person grow and better understand work ethic. I'm glad to have done it.


Never worked on a farm before, but I live all around them. There's a corn field right behind my house.

My great grandparents in Germany had a chicken farm, but it has now been passed down to my great uncle, who has scaled it down quite a bit.


I also live by some farms. I've helped out on them a couple of times. I've even taught a class on cows.


Was it an utterly good time?

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I was teaching bovine reproduction to a class of mostly girls. It was fun but a bit awkward at times. They were the teenagers after all.


Ah were they MOOved by your teachings?

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lol stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

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At least it was educational!

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It certainly was to the boys