The fate of the makuta race

Um apologies to mod squad if I placed it in the wrong place again, but there’s something that’s been bothering me. The makuta race, that pool of antidermis, what happened to it? I tried reading destiny war and a few other stuff but I might have missed the fate of the pool. And would it still be possible for the Makuta to return, not the ones that were alive but brand new Makuta spawned from that pool…? anyone’s thought on the matter? Are the Makuta truly gone? (Besides good terry and miserix)


The good version is alive, though.

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I misread what he said nvm

Well, apparently it needs some creative hand to form Antidermis into Makuta - at least the pool didn’t spawn more Makuta in the 100000 years after Mata Nui created them.

And then there’s Brutaka who absorbed quite some Antidermis which I guess makes him something like half Makuta - he even got some of their powers. So what if one of his species would be exposed to Antidermis for a greater length of time? Would this turn that individual into a “full blooded” Makuta

As to the fate of the pool, I would guess it still exists in the remains of the Great Spirit Robot - at least there’s no word of the Southern Islands being damaged or something.

Inb4 a new serial is released with a fly dying above the pool, falling in, and creating a new major villain…


Biosector01 is generally a good place to look for this kind of thing.

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