The Final Chapter! The Origins of the NSA cult

This is it. After decades of research, life risking adventures uncovering the true plans of the NSA cult and it's origin...
It will all be Revealed, here, tonight. All the pieces have fallen in place, the shocking evidence has been revealed to me by Highly suspect. It has cost the lives of gajillions to bring you this information.

2000 years before the Toa Mata arrived on the Island Mata Nui, shortly after the Great Toa/Dark Hunter war, after Nidhiki's betrayal, a Group of individuals came together to form a group of special co-ops soldiers who would work together in secret to prevent any threats to Metru Nui from becoming reality. They were The NSA OoMN. (Nega-Secret Association of the Order of Mata Nui)

Consisting of the Toa Mangai, The Real Turaga Dume, Ahkmou, and some other people no one cares about, they worked together tirelessly to silence any in Metru Nui who were to vocal with their complaints about the Vahki or the lack of Social Insurance.

This group eventually expanded to become an information network across Metru Nui. This group became so powerful eventually even the Makuta feared them, and Mata Nui even began ignoring his duty monitoring the beings inside him, depended on the NSA to keep everyone in line.
Something had to be done.

A small resistance consisting of multiple turncoats inside the NSA- Ahkmou, Matau and several more people no one cares about. They called themselves the Free-Lance-Society. They Kinda didn't do much anyways.

Thus entered Makuta Teridax, using his powers, he infiltrated the NSA and took the place of it's current leader: Turaga Dume, and began the process of decimating the NSA from the inside. Realizing this too late, Toa Lhikan sought out six of the NSA's Matoran members(instead of the actual six matoran destined to become Toa) and turned them into Toa to aid him in returning the NSA to it's former power and glory.

However, nothing went according to plan and we got an animated movie with nostalgia goggles thicker than PowerPuff Girls' nostalgia glasses.

In the end, the only remaining active members of the NSA - The tyrant rulers of Mata nui: The Toa Metru turned turaga. These six turaga took advantage of the amnesiac matoran and began to indoctrinate them into the newly formed NSA cult via subliminal messaging. Subliminal messaging in the form of repetitive music that played in each Koro.

However, one member of the Free-Lance-Society still survived- Matau. As a turaga he told the Le-Matoran the truth, and together with Toa Lewa they developed a code: TreeSpeak.

Working along side a Legendary Time Traveling Muaka, the Le-Matoran worked in secrecy to do what Makuta almost did and disband the reformed NSA cult.

(Now in all seriousness, this is the last TTV-based Parody Story I will ever make. Because the 3rd times the charm.)


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