The First Resistance (RP topic)

The man grunted as his hand started smoking, but his grip on the warhammer-axe did not waver.

Kyran raised an eyebrow, impressed.
The heat would cease.

“Is there a reason that we don’t just carry onward”

Raphael floated towards the large man. “Fear not, we are here to help you.” He soothingly said. The man glared at Raphael for a second, before finally conceding. “What is your name?” He then asked.
“I am Raphael, Archangel of Valor.”

“…I am Styrke.” The man responded, extending his hand and shaking Raphael’s. “So, Raphael, what have you and your group come here for?”

“We are here to find and round up any survivors.” Eric responded.

Styrke turned to Raphael. “Well, I guess I’ll cone to.” He said as he sheathed his Warhammer-axe.


Styrk ed turned to Ayet. “Must I always explain myself to to you?”

“Forgive Ayet, Styrke. It’s just that, sometimes he can get a bit uptight.” Raphael explained.

“I exist to KILL THINGS lest you forget and for some reason the council won’t trust their greatest warrior to exterminate a species”

“This is a team effort, Ayet. Not everything is about credit and gliry.” Raphael responded.

“Glory has nothing to do with it. This is about trust”

Kyran watched silently, having nothing to say.

“It’s not that we don’r trust you. But we need all the help we can get.”

“We don’t. One of us is enough to eradicate them of the face of the multiverse”

“Ayet, you are foolish to underestimate these beings. Do you not recal the destruction they cause last time, before we banished them?”

“Did you know that I was busy at the time dealing with the collect’s waste? No you didn’t because I don’t care about gloating, I care about doing my duty and my duty is killing not playing about with mortals!”

Raphael remained silent, hovering still in the air.

“…fine. let’s just get these mortals to safety.” Raphael said as he started to lead the group along.

Surius looks at Styrke. “I’m keeping my eye on you. Siding with us does not make you above the law.” He warns.

Styrke nodded as the group continued to travel.

Inlenor looks at Truth,
"So…you’re an id?’
Truth nods,
“I am.”
Inlenor smiles,
“I always though the id were just legends from stories and myths.”
Truth tilts his head,
“I suppose it has been a long time since we’ve heavily interacted with others”

Suddenly, Jonathan saw a sight that nearly stopped his heart:

“Oh no…” he murmered worriedly.
It was the lab of his friend, DR. Zed, in near ruins.

Ciestaal looks on, continuing his search for life forces of any other survivors. “Surely, we’ll find someone.” He says, trying to soothe Jonathan’s mind.