The First Resistance (RP topic)

“It could be possible, but no simple mortal can achieve such a feat. It would take a being of immense power to make or break the Seal. Even n Angel Knight would have trouble doing it.” Michael said.

“Well nevermind that. What exactly are the Xir’algath trying to accomplish? What are they planning?” Raphael asked out loud.

“World domination.” Kyran spoke up. “They want to control everything. I’ve seen it so many times.”

“Motive does not matter. Criminal actions will remain criminal actions no matter what the motive.” Surius responds.

“What’s stopping me from joining ‘em?” Kremit asks “Who actually are the goodies here?”

“This is not about such abstract terms of ‘good and evil’,” Michael interjected. “The Xir’algath are fierce, unrelenting warriors, who will stop at nothing until they achieve their ends. So if we can figure out what they’re after, then we can be one step ahead and plan a better defense.”

“I get it…” he pauses “You guys wanna genocide an entire species and then say it’s for your own evil belief!”

"We do not wish genocide!’ Michael said defensively. “The Xir’algath were once one of us. We would never wish death upon any creature, much less them. But we muct protect ourselves against them, or else we will fall victim to them.”

“There are many things you don’t know about me!” Kremit sighs
“I cannot allow such evil, you should know this about me, or all beings!”

“The xir’algath are a race that deserves genocide”

“But perhaps they can still redeem themselves…” Michael said quietly, not wanting to believe that the Xir’algath were truly evil.

“They have broken the law, and as such deserve only punishment for it.” Surius states.

“They can”

“…But we still need to figure out where they’re headed next before we can talk about redemption.” Raphael said.

“They will be redeemed in death”

“I heard that a fleet of Xir’algath ships were planning another assault on a nearby city. Perhaps we could start there.” Raphael suggested.

Kyran nodded.
He gripped his staff.
“Ready when you all are.”

Atomba, from behind a large statue, hissed as he watched Jonathan.

Actually, I am not so sure if you shouyld help us fight.” Raphael insisted. “We do not want to see you get hurt. We can better handle this on our own.” Michael said, briefly glancing at Ayet. (@L.O.S.S-KAL)

“Finally truth and knowledge prevail!” Ayet cheers mirthlessly

“This in unfair!” Styrke argued, slamming his fists on the table. “We have just as much every right to slay these beasts as you! We should all be able to fight!”

Surius turned to him. “My duty is to uphold the law and punish its defilers. They have broken the law, and deserve punishment. Preventing me from doing so would be an obstruction of justice, which is a crime.” He tells him.

Ciestaal stays silent, his mask showing no emotion.