The First Resistance (RP topic)

“So you see? War is the only option.” Michael said, heading out the door with other angels.
“Watch over them, and keep them safe.” Michael ordered several angel guards as he left.

Ayet followed dashing on the wind

“War mongers the lot of them!” Leonardo sighs “I was like that once, until I learnt what war truly was like!”
An angel guard nods in agreement

“Has he always been so naive?” Ayet asks Michael

Michael shook his head.
He always just wants to see the best in everyone and everything. I just hope it doesn’t get him killed.” he whispered worriedly.

“Reality comes to those in peril. Also would you mind slowing down? I can’t fly like you so I’m a little slower”

Michael nodded, slowing his pace slightly.
Suddenly, he raised a hand.
“Shh! I see some.” He said, looking out at a small gathering of Xir’algath. They were huddled around some sort of machine.

Meanwhile, Jonathan, Martha, Eric and Styrke sat in the castle. Styrke tapped his foot impatiently.

Surius’ arm formed into a laser cannon, and he started to approach.

Michael held an arm in front of Surius. “Careful now. They are very vicious. We must approach with caution and stealth.”

Surius nods and awaits the proposal of a battle strategy.

“I’ll create a diversion”

“What exactly did you have in mind?”

Ayet wordlessly ascended till they were high above the Xir’algath, he then fell down upon them like some sentient meteorite all whilst howling some barbarous warcry


Several Xir’algath scattered, while others charged head-on at Ayet with bladed appendages.

Ayet began rapidly loading and firing their crossbow throwing bolt after bolt"

The Xir’algath managed to dodge most, but a few were struck and exploded.
A xir’algath swung at Ayet from behind.

In a situation like this Ayets infinite eyes came in hand as they contorted horribly to avoid the blade

The Xir’algath stared bugeyed in confusion, while Raphael seized the opportunity to impale it from behind.

Meanwhile, several Xir’algath charged at Surius, Truth, and Ayet.

Atomba snuck up behind Jonathan and tried to throw an electrified net over him.

The angel guards were alerted, and Atomba was instantly surrounded,
“Drop your weapon!” The guard ordered as they pointed their guns at Atomba.