The First Resistance (RP topic)

Surius extended his booster wings from his back and entered the air, blasting away at the serpents.

Most of the servants were obliterated, and the rest rejoined into a smaller Xir’algath warrior who stabbed at Surius’ armor with hands formed into spikes.

Surius parried the blow with his own blade and sliced up its arm.

The Xir’algath roared, forming its other fist into a Mace and swing down on Surius.

Surius blasted the mace with his laser as it came towards him.

The mace shattered, and the Xir’algath finally collapsed, dead.

Leonardo closes its eyes with his fingers
“Rest my brother…” he whispers, calmly

Truth, meanwhile, zoomed behind a Xir’algath and impaled him with his spear.
He then saw about five Xir’algath approaching Ayet, and killed them all before they could attack.
“You’re welcome.” Truth remarked as he went to fight the next Xir’algath.

Meanwhile, in the castle, Styrke tapped his foot aggressively.
“That’s it, I can’t take this anymore!” He declared, rising from his seat.
“They do not have a right to contain us like a bunch of zoo animals! If we want to fight the Xir’algath, we should. Now Who’s with me?!”

Kyran tapped his staff.
“Calm down. I will get us out, if you wish.”

“And how would you suggest we do that?” Grunted Styrke.

Ciestaal nodded.

“feh I can handle myself”

“An odd choice of thanks, but I’ll nonetheless take it.” Truth replied.

“I think I am able to create a portal.”

Styrke briefly glanced over at the angel guards, making sure they weren’t watching.
“How quickly?”

“It’ll take me a few minutes to conjure the actual portal.” Kyran replied, taking out a book from his coat.

“I’ll make a distraction…” styrke said as he rose from his seat and approached the guards.

“Whatever you say.” Truth replied to Ayet.

Ayet fired off a bolt at a xir’algath creeping up behind Truth

Truth briefly looked back to see the feat that Ayet had performed, and was slightly impressed.

Kyran nodded and began his work on the portal.