The Fistin Species and the Crystal Fist

"Long ago, the Fistin species was one big species wielding many different powers. Then an unknown event caused the species to split into 7 tribes, each wielding a single power."
Behold: the Fistin Species!

Now for the individual members. First off, there's the Fire Fists, who are unique even among the Fistin Species. Most Fistin sub-species are simply fighters, but the Fire Fists actively protect harmless Animals from the powerful predator species of the world. They can absorb energy from fire.

Fire Fists tend to travel alone or in packs of three and are very rarely seen alone; they are usually travelling with a herd of other animals.

Also, back coverage. It's present on all these MOC's

The Ice Fists can control the flow of heat into and out of their bodies. They also gain sustenance from water.

The Water fists can breath underwater and also gain sustenance from water.

The Stone fists eat dirt and are extremely fast.

Acid fists are the only ones that actually eat like normal animals. Their skin secretes a powerful acid that they use for killing prey.

Lightning fists gain energy from electricity (duh). They can also shock other through direct contact.

Iron Fists are an anomaly among living things. They are born with flesh and bone, but by the time they reach maturity their bodies are fully Iron. They have no need for sustenance or oxygen, but they do give girth to young and die. Scientists are still puzzling over how this is possible.

Finally, there is the Crystal Fist. Only one Crystal fist is known to exist, and no one is quite sure if it is part of the Fistin Species or not; while it has some of their powers, it lacks fists. It travels around destroying anything in its path, and now a special military force has formed in an effort to stop the creature.

(yes, the MOC is very simple. I did this because I wanted the Crystal fist to appear young and childish. However, I did make an "ultra-powered" version that may play a role in the story)

Here it is in the stereotypical Fistin pose:

And finally, the poster I made for my story:

Bonus Blooper picture: domino Fistini

Feel free to ask me any questions about the Fistin Species; I'm trying to create a full species biography for these guys. Anything you can think of, fire away.



This is a very interesting concept. I've always loved MOCs that have more than one species, really adds more variety.

This is interesting. It would be cool to have a whole story based around these guys.

Pros are 2 points and cons are-1 points
Since all of these are very alike, i will rate the fistins seperate from crystal fistin

Consistent in build
Consistent in color scheme for all of them
Decent story
Extraordinary heads

Bit too simple

Overall... 7
Bit small. But small and simple doesnt mean bad

Crystal fistin
Consistent in some ways with other fistins
Different in some ways with the other fistins
Color scheme rocks for this one
Story for this one is extra good
Upgraded form is the best fistin in my opinion

Spikes are not in upgraded form
No other spikes on crystal fistin

Overall... 8
Better than other fistins, but has more cons. Might want to fix these problems


Their heads are fists! XD

That is exactly what I'm doing. I have a whole series of stories planned out for these guys, mostly focusing on the Fire Fists.

Oh gosh, I cannot believe I never noticed that! XD

Also, thanks @Hallorian_the_ferochian for the review! Small and simple is what I was going for. And I'll definitely work on the spikes. (and remove those obnoxious red pins soon as I find my store of black ones.)

Great, but you know what would be cool?

Give them a punching function! :smile:

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Cross-wired Freak's pictures of the Toa with kid villagers gave me an idea, and I'm in a festive mood, so: like father like son.

This is in no way canon. Just cute.

I don't know what's weirder. The fact that they have fists for heads or that I've seen it happen before.

Anyway it's a quirky idea that works. The builds themselves are pretty simple, but they get the job done. I would love to see more of these guys.