The Flaming Hammer of Justice (Toa Dume)

Hi I’m Mechronus, the guy who can’t seem to not mention Nidhiki. Today I’m showing you a weird MOC, as less than a day ago this was a Toa Naho MOC. Nevertheless, I present to you now, Toa Dume:

As you can see, the color palette was based off of the original Turaga build:
As for the weapon, I’m torn between him using the Eruption Hammer:

(Which is shaped to look like a Gavel) or his Igneous Staff:
(Stud.IO can’t model the marbling correctly so IRL shot)
He also has slight inspiration from Lord Vladek, as his torso and color scheme are mentioned for possible ideas.

The build tries to use pieces from 2004 to 2005 but the middle chest armor looked too good not to use.

Personally the hardest part of the build was making the limbs, as I haven’t had much experience with that part of making MOCs.
Vanity Pics:

(Flame color came out lighter than expected)

Size Comparison:

Great Kiril by Galva
Tell me what you think of the MOC below!


looks really nice
I like the torso armor, and the sword looks pretty cool

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Honestly I was surprised this piece was never used for Dume MOCs. It feels made for him.

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The mask was made by Galva. This was made by Khingk.


Thanks! I didn’t see the difference when I posted and thought they were the same mask. I’ll update it now


Always nice to see more Dume mocs. Personally I think the hammer works perfectly fine with this rendition of him.


I was a little worried about the hammer design since it’s pretty different compared to the hulking hammers or the same hammers so I’m glad to hear you liked it.

Fits in nicely with the toa metru. good job!

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Thanks! He actually ended up smaller than Onewa on the first try, so I had to adjust his height a few times.

The torso is a real stand out here, really does have a metru torso look to it. Great job.


Thank you! The torso was designed to give off that heavily armored look on the front, while being bare on the back. My thought process was “Dume has been characterized as someone who never turns his back on his city, so why would he need armor on the back?” Along with this I wanted the body to be close to Metru, as it’s believed Lhikan got his design from Dume, while still making him distinct. Lastly, I made sure that the torso didn’t use the Shoulders mod by inverting the connection, that way no parts were strained.

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Looks cool, but it would even cooler if you put him in a more dynamic pose.


Alright I’ll be right back.
@JeyTheCount I have added the first one. More are on the way soon!

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