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That’s because it’s a normal thing to do :laughing:


My girlfriend puts pickles on everything. Pizza, ice cream, you name it.

What!!! That is gross… pickles themselves are bad. Putting them in Pizza it’s going to ruin it! And in Ice Cream? Well… I guess I discovered how to ruin my favourite foods…

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Lol I tried them on pizza. It’s good.

And how dare you diss the pickles

I just don’t like them. They “pickle my tongue” if that is even a word…

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You are not worthy of being called human, you waste



/s means sarcasm lol

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I thought about this combination ten (or more) years ago.

I might try pickles on pizza sometime.


I like the taste of pickles, and I’ll eat pickle slices on a burger or something.

But I won’t eat a full pickle.


I knew that…:laughing: that enoji was sarcasm to…

I’ve never had peanut butter


Allergies or lack of interest?

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Pickles and ice cream is stereotypical of pregnant women lol. But don’t worry she’s not pregnant.

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And lack of interest.

Yeah well, I wouldn’t be interested too if I was allergic to it. : p




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Strange combinations:

Not something that I made myself, but yesterday i drank a sour beer brewed with oysters and seaweed. It was actually really, really good.

Don´t know what the community guidelines says about talking about alcohol. But it was really good. Fight me.

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Tbh it sounds disgusting at first.

I’ll take your word for it, though.

I believe it’s fine but idk.