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What?!??!?! That is gross... pickles themselves are bad. Putting them in Pizza it's going to ruin it! And in Ice Cream? Well... I guess I discovered how to ruin my favourite foods...

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Lol I tried them on pizza. It’s good.

And how dare you diss the pickles

I just don't like them. They "pickle my tongue" if that is even a word...

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You are not worthy of being called human, you waste



/s means sarcasm lol

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I thought about this combination ten (or more) years ago.

I might try pickles on pizza sometime.


I like the taste of pickles, and I'll eat pickle slices on a burger or something.

But I won't eat a full pickle.


I knew that...:laughing: that enoji was sarcasm to...

I've never had peanut butter


Allergies or lack of interest?

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Pickles and ice cream is stereotypical of pregnant women lol. But don’t worry she’s not pregnant.

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And lack of interest.

Yeah well, I wouldn't be interested too if I was allergic to it. : p




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Strange combinations:

Not something that I made myself, but yesterday i drank a sour beer brewed with oysters and seaweed. It was actually really, really good.

Don´t know what the community guidelines says about talking about alcohol. But it was really good. Fight me.

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Tbh it sounds disgusting at first.

I'll take your word for it, though.

I believe it’s fine but idk.

@meepinater @EmperorDuckie Trust me, I was VERY sceptical when I first saw it. I love sour beer, but the fact it was made with oysters was just too weird to not buy. Me and my friend that is a sommelier, (if you don´t know what that is, it is in short the person that works in a restaurant that is very knowledgeable in wine and other drinks), bought it together knowing it was a bit of a gamble. In the end we both agreed that it was worth it.

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Ah. I was saying the part about whether discussing alcohol is ok here. I’m underage and I don’t think I’ll drink when I am old enough but that does sound like an interesting taste. Can you compare the taste of sour beer with something I maybe had?