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/s means sarcasm lol

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I thought about this combination ten (or more) years ago.

I might try pickles on pizza sometime.


I like the taste of pickles, and I'll eat pickle slices on a burger or something.

But I won't eat a full pickle.


I knew that...:laughing: that enoji was sarcasm to...

I've never had peanut butter


Allergies or lack of interest?

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Pickles and ice cream is stereotypical of pregnant women lol. But don’t worry she’s not pregnant.

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And lack of interest.

Yeah well, I wouldn't be interested too if I was allergic to it. : p




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Strange combinations:

Not something that I made myself, but yesterday i drank a sour beer brewed with oysters and seaweed. It was actually really, really good.

Don´t know what the community guidelines says about talking about alcohol. But it was really good. Fight me.

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Tbh it sounds disgusting at first.

I'll take your word for it, though.

I believe it’s fine but idk.

@meepinater @EmperorDuckie Trust me, I was VERY sceptical when I first saw it. I love sour beer, but the fact it was made with oysters was just too weird to not buy. Me and my friend that is a sommelier, (if you don´t know what that is, it is in short the person that works in a restaurant that is very knowledgeable in wine and other drinks), bought it together knowing it was a bit of a gamble. In the end we both agreed that it was worth it.

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Ah. I was saying the part about whether discussing alcohol is ok here. I’m underage and I don’t think I’ll drink when I am old enough but that does sound like an interesting taste. Can you compare the taste of sour beer with something I maybe had?

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I see, my bad! It really is a good thing that you don't think that you are going to drink when you are old enough. I only drink when I am with friends and I never have as a goal to get intoxicated, I started drinking when I was 22, so that was all my teenage years and 4 years of my adult life that I didn't drink either. It is extremely stupid to try to push someone to drink, so I applaud you for staying away from it.

As for the taste, it depends on how deep you want to go beer nerd intensifies. There are spontaneously fermented sour beers often referred to as lambic or gueze. These get more complex and funky flavours that can be hard to describe. Drinks that are described as being "funky" means that the tastes and aromas are very powerful, and can be quite polarizing, with that I mean that people mostly find it horrendous or the opposite (me), who think it mostly is fantastic. I guess you could compare some of the often seen flavours in a lambic to other fermented foods. It is really hard to describe, but it is also quite hard to learn what you are actually tasting in my own experience. Generally I think some of the most common tastes/aromas in these kinds of sour beers are citrus, apricot, peach, passionfruit, yeast, malt, hops and often they can be just a little bit salty. I can't really think of another drink that describes it really well, but you could try kombucha if you can find it. That is a fermented drink that get some acidic tones, it's really good and also non-alcoholic.

There is also what is commonly reffered to as "golden sour beer", golden is to describe the color, there is unfortunately not actual gold in it as far as I know.... These are more similar to regular beer, but the flavour should not be compared to a lager for example. To describe and compare this type, think a mix between beer, cider and acidity. For a non-alcoholic example, I think that a less sweet ginger beer could be a good way to describe it. This is also the more accessible typ, mostly because it often is brewed with varius fruit and berries. The first sour I ever had still remains in my top 3 favourites, it was a golden sour brewed with peach, mango and passion fruit.

I still want to make this clear: If this does sound interesting, try something non-alcoholic first. Don't change your idea of not drinking just because some nerd on the internet wrote you half an essay about sour beer. Always put your own ideas first, it can be a slippery slope if you are not careful. There are countless fantastic non-alcoholic soft drinks, beers, ciders, cocktails and even wine. Heck, even my favourite cider is 0 %. If you want to explore more complex flavours, you can still find some of the best tasting drinks among the non-alcoholic range.

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Ok. So almost like kombucha?

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Got a bit carried away, bit of a passionate subject for me haha

But yes, kombucha was the closest thing that i could think of


I love to just eat crackers sometimes. It is a peaceful experience.

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