The functions for 2015 and onward!

Now, I think that this would be a topic that could merit it's own branch discussion, so...

What do you think the 2015 functions are?

We actually have confirmed ones!

But there is still one more function that has yet to be confirmed. The Stud Cannon.

I believe, and I have mentioned this before, that there is a knob at the back.

When you turn it, there is a notch in the crevices of each circle.

When the notch pushes against the stud, it will fire out. Just like Bad Cops Stud Cannon from The Lego Movie.

So when you turn the nob all the way around, all the studs will be flying.

But this is just the first half of the years sets. Who knows what other functions we have in store.

What do you guys want to see?

And, are there any hidden functions that you guys have found this year so far?

Also, should they bring back Squid Launchers?


I cant wait for squid launchers
I loved those things


WOOHOO!!! Party time!

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Is there a way to dislike something? jk
I actually liked the squids, just not the launchers of said squids.

Anyways, I an just wondering how the ball joint attachment used for shoulder armor on the other masters would get in the way of the arm functions. I made a MOC up of Omega Tahu and the gear function could barely work because of shoulder armor.

Edit: Looking at pohatu's gear box, it looks like only one of his arms has the function.


I'm expecting chicken-like island-destroyer functions stuck_out_tongue

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Yup. One could barely see it.
Isn't it neat!

And here is a better look at Gali:

here's an idea: BIONICLE SUMMER 2015 TITANS/RAHI

Man I wish they made a custom Kick function system just to homage Pohatu


I wish they added them addons to his feets

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