The Future of Hero Factory

I meant to say Brain Attack. It was okay up to then.

And we still don’t know where the heck Nex and Stringer are.

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I have the ending of Hero Factory here
"And they all died.


Now, wasn’t that a cheerhappy story?


It’s more complicated than Hero Factory’s actual story, I’ll give you that.

3 words:


Poor hero factory. It could never win, because it came after Bionicle. Like a second child who bitter parents hated for living when the older died. I miss it, but I’m happy Bionicle is here, and I think HF had a lot of potential…
And that it has a chance for when Bonkle signs off again.

Goodbye, HF. I’ll miss you.

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I cri evertiem.

Seriously, though. The sets were pretty great. And the story as well. I’m sad to see it go. But rip in peace. 2010-2014.


It’s good to see there are some people that do not possess the blind hatred of Hero Factory like what seems like the majority of the people on here do. I liked almost every wave of the series, even Brain Attack, which seems to be the butt of many jokes but personally, I didn’t think it was too terrible. Sure it wasn’t quite as good as Breakout and was pretty mediocre as a whole, but I thought it was passable. I just agree with many that it is unfortunate that Hero Factory didn’t receive a wrap-up of any kind to tie up all the loose ends of the plot (specifically the reveal of who orchestrated the Breakout and Brain Attack.) Though admittedly it didn’t have much of a plot in the first place, which is perfectly fine. After all, it is simply a toy line. but despite the sparseness of its story, it still would have been nice to see the line end with some closure. Oh well.


Yeah I was really disappointed that they didn’t do anything with that. If I remember correctly, Von Nebula was referenced in the end of 1.0 as well as in 4.0 and 5.0)

(Warning, spoilers ahead) My memory might be failing me, but here goes…At the end of the “Rise of the Rookies” mini-series, the staff is shown to still hold some power. During Breakout, the phantom image of Von Nebula is shown approaching the staff before the villains are freed. At the end, you see a black hand (which is probably Von Nebula’s) at the monitor receiving the blueprints of hero factory. At the beginning of brain attack, I’m pretty sure it was the same hand the sent out the evil brain slugs. I don’t believe there was any mention of him during trial by fire and savage planet. Feel free to correct my rant if there are any errors; It’s been a while since I’ve seen the animations

I remember discussing with my friend the possibility that lego would release a set with a decayed, dirty, and broken down Von Nebula. That would have been awesome as a real set.