The G3 Legend... WITH UPDATED [ART],No WoT [Worldbuilding]

Long ago in a time that were ruled by the Gods. The Gods battled the evil Makuta.
A long and fierce battle raged for untold time.

In the end Makuta was defeated, but the Gods of the elements payed the ultimate price with their physical forms crumbling and their bodies decaying.

Yet a final gift was given to those that now inhabit the island. These blocks of power, when infused with a suitable host, grant the bearer a fragment of the elemental power that the Gods once possessed.

New heroes came to defend the island and time and time again the power of the Gods was put into action. The great Crafters - the first Toa, crafted great weaponry, armor and equipment said to be made directly from the protodermis of the Gods fallen bodies.

Indestructible. Kept safe.

For the next generation of heroes when such a need was to arise.

Using ancient magic, the Canister's minds measure the worth of a hero, and should a host be presented for the canister to be found... the Canister will open and a new Toa will be born.

End of script

Feed back would be nice.

Edited spelling and grammar. Really lovin' the aesthetic - Waj


Its just perfect


Thank you.

I am taking the temperature on this one.

I liked the idea of the Toa mata (G1) was the GODS


Perfection, love the black and white

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feedback requires flaws



You are too kind

Best G3 I've seen yet.

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i'm usually not a huge fan of brickonicle stuff but this is just so cool


Looks really good. The black and white works really well.

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Love it. Just love it.

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It's beautiful...

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I.. love.. it..

Grat drawing aswell ^^

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Really cool concept and excellent art! Having the canisters as storage units for the weapons/armor/masks of the ancient toa is a pretty cool idea; my only complaint is that the canisters look a little too mechanical versus the overall tribal aspect of Bionicle.


I am kinda aluring to the fact that the "gods" were huge mecanical beings.

And the First crafters were the first toa also were techicians that developed the tech and the technical elements on the island... but due to AGES. Technology disepeared into a more tribal and primitive sociaty.

I should do a complete sketch of Makutas final form.

People seems to forget Bionicle is part mecanical too.

because of my personal idea for Makuta i don't really like the idea here of Makuta basicly being a pure evil monster.

though that does give me an idea for how we could still have an anti hero Makuta and an evil Makuta at the same time...

Namely that "Makuta" is the Matorans word for "Demon" or "Monster" so if someone calls a character Makuta, they are then calling them a "Demon"


The story is told from the point of weiw from the matoran... they don't know better.

Your story is just as valid as my legends

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yeah but im starting to find the idea that "Makuta" could means Demon in Matoran language to be really interesting.

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I like how you depicted Makuta as being somewhat of a summation of the features each Rahkshi has or something.


Fantastic stuff, really loving the approach here.

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I have no feedback for this, except for this seems perfect.
Seriously, this art, and script is just amazing.

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