The Ghidfather [Mafia] - Sign-Up

Welcome to the Ghidfather.

In this game, you’ll be seeing some of the worst food jokes ever to exist, over-exaggerated scenes, and subtle hints and clues to point you in the right direction… Or the wrong.

Here are the roles and their explanations:

VillagerX?: You are the standard player. At night you can be killed by the Mafia, and in the day you can vote on a suspect to lynch.

MafiaX?: You are the elite hit men for the Ghidfather. At night you choose a Villager to bump off, and in the day you can vote on a suspect to lynch.

SmilerX1: You can choose a person every night to give a dose of ‘Creeping Smiler’, a very dangerous and murderous plant. They will be silently turned to your will, and no matter what they choose to vote the votes will count towards what you have chosen in the end tally.

The RookX1: You are the most powerful and dangerous member of the Mafia. All the other Mafia know who you are, but you do not know who they are. In the day you can choose a person to kill.

I’m going to need 25 people to start the game, and the amount of Mafia will be decided then. If you can bring more people to join, though, it would be great!



I would love to join this.

But in a week I’m not going to be on the boards for a while.

So I’ll withhold from joining for now.


I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse

Lemme in dis game


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Sure let’s go.

I’m in.

I’m gonna join but…

That’s quite a few people you’re wanting to join.

Lesa go. I hope I have time though. I might not talk or do anything most of this.

I have two roles specifically designed for chaos.

We’ll need a lot.

Will we be able to get a lot?

ill join

Only if we promote this /s

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I’m in. Hopefully this is done right.

I’m in.

Since I died in Puns Mafia…

I’m integer



@DannyBoyy @Invader_Rose @jayzor17 @LTVmocs @Peelacar @Zero @Willess12 @fangface1 @Ace

I’m giving this mafia one more week and then I’m starting it up…

Like this post if you are still in. See if you can get anybody else to join.


At this point you may just have to restart the topic. I’ll join in too, if that’s fine.

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Imma join, though don’t expect me to be good at this

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Is this still going on? I assume it isn’t.
If not, could you make a second one?