The Ginge Club (I suck at titles)

Hey guys, another of my juvenile posts. So anyways if any of you have seen “The photo” then you may notice I am, in fact, a redhead. A coppertone, a carrottop, a ginger. Call me what you will.

Now I have endured some unnessacary harassment because of my hair but I always have a witty (or quite stupid [does that really surprise any of you? cough cough Eljay cough cough{That’s a jab at me not you,}]) remarks so I don’t quite feel anything.
Now I am wondering how many of my fellow coppertones are on here, if you have faced any harrasment, and what you did to overcome it.

(If I’m the only red on here that would be quite sad, quite sad indeed. I might have to open it to people of other hair.)


you have no soul its a proven fact/s

I’m a red head, don’t worry mang.

Don’t worry about this too much. (Especially Ranaki. He’s a creepy dude, don’t let him get to ya too much.) If someone does bully ya on here, just flag and us Mods will be there.

I have dark orange (pretty much copper coloured) hair

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I know a lot of redheads come from Scotland and Ireland, but I barely see them.

RIP the dream.

Thanks bruh, but he doesn’t bother me at all. I have faced much worse.

Well I’m not a ginger myself but I remember always wishing I was.

However, as for the shy ginger in one of my classes that we know is secretly a living spacetime rift…

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Like, how does that work?

I don’t like gingers, because South Park taught me they were aliens and soulless.

Not true

Also not true. I have captured plenty.

I never understood why those with red hair were considered soulless.

It’s a bad joke, that’s all. When someone says that to me I just point to my shoes and say, “actually I have 2.” Then I walk away.


Though I’m not a ginger myself, I can tell you how I deal with harassment in general. I laugh. It’s just funny that they wasted any time or energy on me at all. That and usually people’s “harassment” are too simple and basic to make wasting a good comeback worthwhile. Which just makes it all the more pathetic and therefore hilarious.

Moral of the story: people who go out their way to insult you just for the sake of that insult are a waste of your time. Don’t give them the time of day, let alone a response.


He really doesn’t speak unless spoken to, at least in class. Not too many words when he does.

If that’s uncharacteristic of gingers, remember, I said he’s also a living spacetime rift.

I have mixed feelings…

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