The Glyos Building System

Glyos is a super high-quality designer toy. It is a building system of PVC action figures.

It was created by

It’s also been adopted by other companies such as:

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I’ve watched some reviews, they seem interesting.

Wow. These things are really customizable!

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Also remember that there are like 10 companies that use the same system and add very unique additions to the line. That picture is made just from pieces from Onell Design. The Godbeast makes insect-themed figures while another company called Toyfinity makes retro-styled robot figures.

These require too much creativity.

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I think TJOmega’s Videos on Glyos were extremely helpful on the subject:

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That’s actually how I found out about Glyos. I’m still not sure what my favorite Glyos line is. I’m choosing between Toyfinity, Onell Design, and The Godbeast.

Dang these things look awesome

On my first post I put links to all the companies that make these. They really are cool toys, they’re actually made by a small group of people. The Kabuto Mush was made by only one person!