The Golden Skinned Being - Freakish Dreamcrafter WIP

After the Helryx contest, I wanted to participate in the Golden Skinned Being contest. I know about DuckBricks’ Fanon contests, but I do not have a Google Account, and my MOC will not be finished in time (its been on hiatus for almost two months). It was intended to be a combo model for the most part, including parts from all six Piraka, Roodaka, Krekka, the parts for the Zyglak (but not the component sets), and if I still needed to outsource parts, the Ultimate Accessory set 500 (2006), as well as as many gold parts found in G1 stock sets that would fit. This was ambitious.


I am currently showcasing only the art, the other photos are incomplete.

Photos of WIP (reference)

I used the white head, as I did not want to use the gold one until the model was finished.
The model was intended to invoke parts of all of the component species of Skakdi, Vortixx, Steltian, and Zyglak. The head is a 3-tailed serpent with a Skakdi head inside a Zyglak skull with vestigial Steltian eyes, the legs are Zyglak claws on Steltian foot, and used a lot of parts in the legs. The arm was taken from an earlier version of this moc, as I thought it would be cool to have 3 giant buzzsaws for a hand (the right arm is not present, but would be smaller, using the 3-bladed scissor), and Vortixx shoulders. I wanted to make the asymmetrical hands favour the left, as other sets with this asymmetry make the right arm longer.
This thing does not stand up very well. I figured I could put the top-heavy build into a story sense by having him use walking canes or be carried on a litter platform by the Skakdi/Toa who venerated him, as he would be too large to hold his own mass upright (and the axles in the legs always come loose).

Sorry for the background, I don’t normally hold a model while it is being photographed.


for one, the build itself is very impressive, i like it a lot!, however i do think the colors are a little bit to messy, and not rlly fitting for a golden skinned being


I’d say try your luck & throw in your entry.


I did.