The Great Mask of Aluminum Foil!


I've cracked the code...

I figured out these shadow organizations...

And the Illumakuta know...

That they're finally primed...
For world domination!

And suddenly you got black Exo-Toa coming cross the border.

Platinum puppetmaster for the New World order...

I don't care about that,

I'm protected cause I made this Mask!
From aluminum foil!

Why'd I get this mask refined?

In case a Vahki is inclined,
To probe my mask or read my mind.

Sounds a bit peculiar,
Seems a little crazy,
But someday I'll prove!
That there's a big conspiracy!

Hurry and get yours before it's too late!!!

Recieve the Kanohi, Alumni and be saved today!

I'm already armored!

I am Aluminae! Toa of aluminum!




Check out the edit smile

"Wow just wow"- Mesonak


Love it, but could surely use some more Aluminum Tinfoil. Just kidding. ~Pyrox

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It kinda looks like a silver Xenomorph.

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The strength of the Kahohi, Alumni is strong here!

Haha, you should have seen him with out the illuminum foil!

Combat the Illumakuta?

Very well. Grabs scissors.

Summons aluminum foil to attack

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0/10 nonpurist

Nah, kidding. An entertaining endeavor to be sure. 8D

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Hello Silver Sentential, I know who you are... -_-

I know what you're capable of too...

Flattery shall not make me lower my senses...

You should already know that you have no power here as well...

How does it feel to meet someone whom you could never control...

Go ahead "Nyran the eternal" do your worst...

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I'd comment on how calling me "Nyran the Eternal" is redundant, but I think it still sounds cool enough if you don't know the language.

Someone I could never control...well, how it feels is an easy question. What cannot be controlled, can still be attacked, no doubt.

While it is true that I have no "power" here, I still have a decent amount of might, and a fairly imposing sword. I'd say I've got this handled quite well, thank you. >8D

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(Heh heh, sorta like Nyran the Nyran?)

Yah, but do you have a cool looking shield like me?

I. Think. not!

What's defense if you can only block from one side? The Kakama is a valuable asset indeed.

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My shield is more than it may seem...

I have the ability to terraform surrounding objects into Aluminum...

My shield is, in reality, my mask...

I can make more... smile

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And they said I was a crazy Illumakuta conspiracy theorist...


There is no conspiracy here!

Hurry and receive the Kanohi, Illumni and be saved today!

Do either of you have this huge gun?

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We all know that real things aren't black and white...

You can't fool me Illumakuta, I'm too smart for you... smile