The Great Spirit Robot [Bionicle 20th anniversary]

Palms of the hands seemed to be the spot shown in the comics.

ah ok

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However, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had smaller laser blasters all over his body. I don’t think you need an explosion larger than some small nations to deal with an attacking alien spacecraft.

On second thought, why would Mata Nui ever need an attack that powerful? I know that he needed massive gravity powers, but that comic cover doesn’t look like gravity powers.


I mean the GB’s probably foresaw Mata Nui running into danger so lasers would be useful for self defense. Also lets assume a rogue planet was about to hit him, welp just blast it in half with massive laser hands.


Congratulations on 1000 Supporters!


Thanks, I will post an update in the morning to celebrate!


Looks good! I really want Lego to make a system GSR, whether it be from a fan submission to Lego Ideas or from that 90th anniversary thing.

I’m supporting it!

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Thanks dude, might as well take the time to reach out and say that I really need everyones help.

30 days ago the project was at around 4100 supports and had gained that number in only a few weeks. A month has passed and progress is glacial-there is still 400 votes needed to reach halfway.

So I’m asking, anyone have ideas how to reach 400 more people and the 5000 people beyond? I would love any suggestions for places to promote or if you have an idea for how any of you can spread the word!

10,000 votes has been reached before and it can be done again!


Looks great even if nothing becomes of it at the very least it could be considered a canon moc.


i wish add to this a prototype robot, toa, glatorian, and lot of rahkshi mini figures for battle of Bara magna. then It can be perfect lego 90th anniversary play set!


Not everything has to be a playset.

The battle of Bara Magna isn’t nearly as iconic as the robot itself.


Thank you for your suggestions!

@RiderBD I have considered and will definitely do the prototype robot as a milestone celebration but my goal is to the keep the part count down and therefore the price tag :wink: What would be perfect is if the prototype could be included and make the part count a magical 2001…

@TheJerminator good point. Perhaps aiming for more of a “UCS” style with a baseplate and some select figures etc?


My topic so I can double post? Please show mercy Mods…

Update 20 April 2021

Thank you to all of you have supported thus far!
It’s been quite the journey and the project has now reached 5000 supporters!

I will post an update for this milestone soon it but don’t get your hopes up I haven’t made a rusty/weathered version yet sadly.

Now only 5000 more to go!

:thinking: Honestly don’t know where else to find more supporters. If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding the build or ways to spread the word please tell me! Every effort, even the smallest adds up to make this succeed :smile:


Update 14 July 2021

Many people have expressed that the face of the current GSR is not good enough, so I’ve been working on an update:

So, I really need your opinions on this, is the updated head (Left) better? Or should I try another design?

Also regards rust, do people have a preference to it being comic accurate or Mata Nui rising accurate?



One of the most iconic parts of the head design is the slightly-angled jaw/chin.

The only other addition I could think of is to somehow show his mouth a little clearer, but I’m not sure how you’d do it. What you have now is fine.

I’d prefer it be look “in its prime”.

Additionally, I’m not sure how you’d do it; you’d either have to cover it in stickers, or brick-build the rust. The first option is annoying, and the second option doesn’t usually look as good.


I love the redesign, a sticker for his mouth right here should do the trick


Yeah I figured that. I tried randomly colouring the exterior with brown and it just looked gross.

Thank you! I had been racking my head trying to think of how to do the mouth (a tile was not working) and I think you are right, a print would be perfect. :smiley:

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I honestly believe this set, given the chance, will succeed and somewhat revitalize bionicle, I hope it gets the support it needs


:sunglasses: :fist_right: :fist_left: :gregf:

Thank you for the kind words bro, I hope so too.


AMAZING! Love the new head! I think you cracked the code: unlike before, now I look at it and it “looks” like Mata Nui, I recognize it as this iconic character. Fantastic!

I truly think this head could be the tipping point- if we all share around your design with the new head, I think Bionicle fans everywhere will rush to support it.

Again, awesome job!