The Great Void (A Makuta)

In a distant region of space, a void is slowly pulling is the nearby solar system. The reason is the Great Void, a makuta who has extreme control over the power of dimensions, vacuums, and shadow. He absorbs the elemental power of his foes, the sound of their voices, and the hope from their souls. He is gathering power to defeat Mata Nui, little does he know that the Great Spirit is now dead. His true name is still unknown.

Feel free to critique or compliment. It is much appreciated. (Except the fact I will probably not edit this moc…)


The colorscheme is cool and the head is neat.

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he’s alright… bit too much color(you can get rid of the dark azure fins)

otherwise the evil crimson-black-purple look is alright

what mask would he have btw?

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He is like a vacuum, he sucks in everything, including color. He has a wild color scheme, considering he floats around in space. Also, his mask would be a modified olmek (I hope I spelled that right.)

he color scheme feels like a bit much, and it makes it look kind of cluttered. Overall, this is a good MOC, but I;m not a fan of the colors.

Looks more like a dark hunter than a makuta.

The fins need to go.
The shoulders jut off of the torso.
Not a fan of the hands.


It strongly reminds me of one very hated combo model.

Howeve, you made the model suck way less…trough there are still some cons I have with it.

-Odd color-scheme
-Backstory that is really over the top and bad.
-The head’s too big

Other than that, It looks solid.

The build is pretty good, but the colour scheme is all over the place.

These colors are great! Keep it up!