The Guardians

The guardians are a team or warriors that are similar to the toa but have a lot less elemental power and instead rely on skill to get the job done. These are probably the same race/species as the skull villains, being simular in size and not toas.

Koiwa, Guardian of ice:

Alt version:

The alt is more akin to his original design:

Demus, guardian of jungle:

The wings are able to come off pretty easily and attach like the creatures.

Xeous, guardian of earth:

The sword is just invade fists and diplomacy doesn’t work.

Rotus, guardian of fire:

Probably the most simple of them, but I do like the swords.

Unnamed guardian of water and stone:

I’ve shown these before, just minor updates on them, but I do need help on names for them.

Please feel free to critic and such.


What are they the Guardians of
I hope the Galaxy

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Some coloring issues but both look fantastic.

I was not going to use a lot of gold, but then I thought,“if tahu has so much gold this year, why not?” And so I dumped a decent amount of gold onto this guys.

Tahu’s my second favourite set this year, Umarak is first obviously, so the gold makes me happy :slight_smile:

Cool, I like the way splitfaces torso armor looks with skull bashers chest piece on the Guardian of Earth.

I like the guardian of water.

I just had to use those together, hey flow so well. Glad someone else thinks so.

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The first one could use some alterations to it color. I think Xeous is my favorite.

Clever use of the Gorm piece from galidor on Xeous.

I really like the designs here, well done. ^^

I got to say The Guardians look very great.
For the names, Guardian Of Stone should be Ornac and the Guardian Of Water should be Asugi.

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