The Hats Discussion Topic

I like Baseball caps.
RN I have two.
Superman and Deathstroke ones.

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I love hats in general. Especially Flat Caps.

I don't like hats they cover my awesome hair
When I do wear hats it's usually a Toque

Hats are amazing.

I love hats, especially sombreros.

I need all the hats.


Especially space sombreros


When fedoras existed I was into that. I wear beanies and snap backs now

Update: I regret this topic and my statements in it, and now the only type of hat I accept is a traditional Naboo headdress


Pick your poison, Navy cap, old fedora, new fedora.

I’d take the cap but I’d much rather wear a beanie and snapback

The Navy cap is nice. It fits snugly, but it doesn’t have an adjustor in the back. The come in sizes like high-quality hats or cloths, not with the little straps like most ball caps or snapbacks. Beanies are just the sweater of hats.

The only hat anyone ever needs


I would unironically wear that.

Sugarloaf Helmet, Kettle helm or Mandalorian Helmet.

Now if only they were accepted in public…:imp:


This is my hat and I love it

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I’ve a fedora, the real, broad-brimmed sort, two top hats, a deerstalker, and a flat cap. I’m looking to buy a nice Panama for summer months.

Ugh… I want a panama or boater, but good ones are expensive.

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