The "I Have No Idea Where to Post This" Topic

This is a topic for when you just really want to say something, but there doesn’t seem to be a fitting topic. Like if you just watched MakutaFest 2013 and want to tell @MT_Zehvor his call-in question was awesome and tell @Eljay his brother is a chipmunk, but there isn’t a good topic to @Name them in, and you don’t want to make a new PM or topic over something so minor, you can @Name them here. If you find out something minor that you really want to post, you can just do it here! To start out with an example use, I will rejoice that I was indirectly mentioned in VNOG with Meso.

wh-what. I don’t understand.


Me too.

I’m not sure if this topic is all too necessary. It seems like it’d be filled with random thoughts, and people @Name’ing for no reason. Idk, though. I’ll keep my eye on this topic.

If my suspicions are correct, it may be closed @The_Soleked_One.


I for one could find a reason to use this topic


inb4 this becomes nonsense topic v2: the backdown


Skull Scorpio sucks.

Bad colour schemes suck more

friendly jab


I want a “What’s Popular?” tab.

There are many times I’ve wanted to say something, but didn’t know where to put it. I like this topic.
I also had something to say just now, but I forgot what it was…


Several months ago my friend and I made a bunch of videos with my Bionicles and CCBS creations and we basically bashed CCBS but by the end of the seven videos it devolved to all of the creations getting smashed into eachother


Well, I never knew quite how to say this, but…

Eljay, you’re a terrible comic writer.



I am really unsure about this, but here it is.

Is it just me or do you people actually know what your doing? Because to be honest this site sometimes really confuses me. All you people seem great, I don’t know it’s probably just me being weird and the like…

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Samuel L. Jackson needs to do a Dunkin Donuts commercial.

Yup, #nonsensetopicv2conifirmed2015


How about this one.

@Square, your avatar really bugs me. I keep thinking it’s a broken image and it makes me paranoid.

Not going to name names, but quite a few of you annoy the ever-lovin’ crap outta me.


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This topic is now closed. New replies are no longer allowed.

Suspicions confirmed :stuck_out_tongue:.

(Nonsense topic v2 confirmed?)

Also, if you have no idea where to post certain things, you could either:

A. Use the search feature to find an appropriate topic.

B. Create your own topic (if it warrants it) about your particular subject matter.

C. PM someone, if your post is merely an @name.

D. ??? Profit.


Waj is no fun.



Yep, confirmed. I have officially transformed into @Nyran, the “No-Fun” Knight :stuck_out_tongue: