The Imera Trio

A small group that happens to go on adventurous journeys as they fulfill their delivery duties

Turaga Suhnn

Suhnn is the long time owner of the Imera Company, which is said to have been in business for generations


A long time worker for the company. Varda’s an energetic matoran, and rather naive, always committed to finish the job.

Original version:


Onuak is tasked with defending the other two from the many dangers that lurks through the streets of Central. Aside from being the team’s bodyguard, Onuak does most of the heavy lifting.

The other two did have previous iterations, but I couldn’t find any pictures to compare them to.

Thanks for viewing, C&C is appreciated!


Good designs overall, I would try to bulk up Onuak a little more if he’s the “heavy-lifting” character.

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Agreed, I’ll see what I can do